What does the new iOS 11 system update do

Apple's new high efficiency video codec fits a minute of 4K 30fps video in 170 MB compared to 350 MB before

With the release of iOS 11, a series of companies are debuting their ARKit apps to the world.

With Android, most smartphone owners have to wait for manufacturers and carriers to push out an update. In India too, now you can pick up your iOS devices, download, and install the latest operating system from Apple.

In its statement, Apple said it is working with Microsoft to fix the iOS 11 email problem in an upcoming software update. But with iOS 11, Apple is finally putting its foot down.

The change was initially rumoured when Apple introduced a 64-bit processor with the iPhone 5S in 2013, and made it clear to developers that they may want to update their apps. Older versions of iOS will continue to run the 32-bit apps... It's highly recommended that you backup your device first before downloading the software just in case anything goes wrong with your device.

Apple previewed its new virtual debit card and person-to-person payment feature called Apple Pay Cash back at WWDC in June, but the feature wasn't present in iOS 11 and watchOS 4 betas over the summer. If you have a supported iOS device, you should be seeing the iOS 11 update option within the next few hours. These new profile additions and changes further extend an organization's device management capabilities, including macOS profile extensions, tvOS Airplay Security, iOS DNS proxy, command changes, and much more. Apple has refined the App Store and users will have access to more and more information regarding apps they wish to download. This can be a huge factor in improving iOS 11 battery life. If you only use Bluetooth in your vehicle then turn it off as soon as you park. Also new for iOS 11 is translation from English to other languages including French and Spanish. There will be an "Auto-Brightness" section and inside there you will be able to turn the auto-brightness feature off. An iPhone detects if a person is driving, then automatically silences notifications to prevent distractions.