We’ve been saying Rihanna’s name wrong

REUTERS  Charles Platiau

Rihanna's fans have just discovered how the singing star says her own name - and some of them are very confused.

But a video for British Vogue has raised major question marks. and no doubt embarrassed faces.

It doesn't seem like a big deal, but such is the world of music fandom, for some people it's world-changing. "So I prayed and I prayed, It's REE-ANNA ni**a" she sang on the track.

Shocked fans took to Twitter to share their reaction after realising they had been saying the name wrong their whole lives.

The Grammy victor, who has been busy promoting her Fenty empire in recent weeks, is subtly trying to tell us all how to pronounce her name.

In response many users noted that it's mostly Americans who pronounce it "Re-Ah-Na", whereas the Barbadian singer appears to pronounce it " Re-Anna".

It turns out that, Rihanna personally checked whether her name's pronunciation during an interview with reporter AJ Hammer was correctly said.

Then in 2015, while promoting her Snapchat, Rihanna corrected her friend who pronounced her name as "Ree-Ah-Na". It was a closed matter now for one and all.