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'We have been blocked': Trump lashes out at Twitter for fluctuating followers

Facebook not invited to White House’s social media summit

For Trump, the conference represented his highest profile broadside yet against Silicon Valley after months of accusations that tech giants censor conservative users and websites.

Interestingly, no representative from Twitter, Facebook or Google was invited to be part of the summit. However, a Twitter spokesperson told CNN they "couldn't know what we'd do in response to a hypothetical invite to a hypothetical meeting".

Twitter removed several fake accounts a year ago and in the process, Trump also lost almost 3 lakh followers. To be fair any media that Trump has dismissed as "fake news" (most of it) did have fairly good reason to feel provoked if you look at the Trump Twitter thread below, send immediately in advance of the summit.

Senator Mark Warner, a Democrat, said that instead of focusing on "combating Russian social media misinformation, punishing anti-competitive practices, or protecting Americans' data and privacy, the President has invited trolls, conspiracy theorists, anti-Semites, and the whole comments section to the White House".

"The President said he's directing his administration to search for any regulatory or legislative action it can take to avoid censorship", the report mentioned. In March, for example, he said the companies had engaged in "collusion" and worked in opposition to a "certain group of people that happen to be in power, that happen to have won the election".

But they also have faced pressure from governments around the world to remove abusive and hateful content as well as conspiracy theories, such as those promoted by Trump and his allies attending Thursday's White House gathering. "The only thing we can't ask is, 'Are you a citizen of the United States?'"

Trump has repeatedly claimed that firms such as Facebook, Google and Twitter - who were not invited to the summit - discriminate against him and his supporters, even though his own Twitter account has almost 62 million followers.

"Social media sites may wish to allow many types of speech, but should not be required to stay neutral on hate or religious intolerance". "The tech giants in two years did more to destroy Freedom of Speech than at any other time in United States history".

Trump also invited lawmakers including Rep. Matt Gaetz, R-Fla., and Sen. They were joined by organizations such as the Media Research Center, a conservative group that has called for the breakup of big tech companies, and PragerU, which produces right-leaning videos that it believes Google has censored - a matter the two sides are battling in court. However Trump was interrupted during his address by a fly, which he admitted he doesn't like.