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Warren: 'Marry one woman. Assuming you can find one'

CNN anchor Chris Cuomo slammed for tone-deaf gender pronoun joke at LGBTQ event

CNN anchor Chris Cuomo issued an apology in the middle of the network's town hall on LGBTQ issues Thursday night after he joked he, too, used female pronouns.

During the event, Morgan Cox, chair of the Human Rights Campaign Board of Directors, brought up what the media outlet described as a "potential faith-based argument against same-sex marriages", asking Warren how she would reply if an "old-fashioned" supporter told her that they believe marriage is between one man and one woman. And then I'm going to say, then just marry one woman.

Warren shrugged her shoulders, then came in with a smack-down: 'Assuming you can find one, ' she said.

In a clip from the televised forum on LGBTQ issues that has since gone massively viral, the 2020 Democratic presidential candidate gives a response to a question about marriage equality that clearly struck a chord with many viewers.

Earlier Thursday, Warren released a plan for aimed at protecting and securing LGBTQ+ rights and equality. She says she does not remember having anti-gay views in her past, despite being enmeshed in a community where it wasn't yet safe to be openly LGBT.

"Elizabeth Warren just hit a home run on how to deal with people who oppose marriage equality", said one user. "Jesus loves all the children of the world", she said, singing the tune. That is the basis of the faith I grew up in.

Warren went on to say that while her exposure to the community was "gradual" as not many people were out "in those days" in Oklahoma, she was always shocked by the hatefulness towards the community, especially from people of faith. "And it is truly about the preciousness of each and every life".

There were a lot of great moments from the town hall.