"Walking Dead" Showrunner Releases Statement on Major Character's Fate

The Walking Dead _ Season 6 Episode 3

Warning: "The Walking Dead" season 6 episode 3 spoilers ahead so if you haven't seen the episode yet, stop reading now!

Lastly, and most importantly, Yeun was absent from post-Walking Dead series The Talking Dead. The next scene shows Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus), riding his motorcycle, alongside the auto that Sasha (Sonequa Martin-Green) and Sergeant Abraham Ford (Michael Cudlitz) are in, as they continue to lead the horde of thousands of walkers away from the community of Alexandria. When that whiny Alexandrian dies in the opener, Rick pauses only long enough to loot his body and tell Michonne and Glenn, "Get back safe". He takes out the watch Hershel gave him and has a nice moment with it. He gives a speech to Rick over the walkie that functions as a goodbye.

Rick sits in pain and tears as he tries to turn the RV over so he can drive back to town and then things get even worse because the zombie herd has caught up to him as well.

Daryl, Abraham and Sasha kept leading the Walkers away. When moving the RV to a designated location to force the herd to follow him, Rick was attacked by members of The Wolves, the same five that were chased out of Alexandria by Morgan in the previous episode. Glenn heads in to end it, but Nicholas volunteers to do it. The walker used to be a 19-year-old who was on his crew, who he left behind. Multiple Alexandrians fall by the wayside, and when the gang takes a detour into an abandoned town to try to patch up their wounds and attempt to find an auto. Therefore, he already has doubts about Michonne and Glenn's leadership. As they walk up the quiet, empty road Michonne and the man that got a chunk bitten out of his shoulder chat about the before and after.

Rick tells them, "You have to keep going". However, Michonne refused to grab a hold of his note and told him that he should hold on to it instead because he would be able to make it back.

Therefore, Rick heads off on his own while the rest of the group travels in a tight-knit circle through the forest. Despite being reminded to only, shoot if they need to, one idiot fires off a nervous shot, not only drawing more attention, but shooting another man, Scott, in the leg (who was doing quite well beforehand!). So Nicholas decides to be helpful and show the rest of the group around the town. However, that possibility may be very slim since there is no practical way for Glenn to escape death. In addition, what's to stop them from just eating through Nicholas and going right on through to Glenn underneath? Heath makes it over the gate and helps Scott to the other side, too, which leaves barely enough time for Michonne to climb over the top before the herd gets David.

Burning questions part 2 + How good was Michonne's argument with Heath? First Annie twists her ankle. "No one is leaving anyone behind", she informs him. No matter how much you love Carl, Carol, Daryl, or even Rick, they are all vulnerable. 'Get back safe, ' he told the others coldly. Oh no, Glenn nearly got bitten! It helped reinforce a rule audiences already take for granted-that no one is safe-but it'll still be hard to get over the pointlessness.

He's just plain dead, and there'll be flashbacks with him. Scott and Heath make it over safely, but Michonne and the Alexandria survivor with the bite mark don't beat the walkers.

Danai Gurira does an attractive job with this episode, as Michonne really steps up as a leader and gets her people home. They're all getting eaten anyway; you might as well put them to good use.

Glenn has one of the most memorable deaths in the "Walking Dead" comics courtesy of Negan, who's rumored to appear at the end of this season, and they're going to trade that moment for falling off a dumpster with a character everyone hates?

"In a few way we will see Glenn - a few version of Glenn or parts of Glenn - again". I really like not only seeing Nicholas change, but also Glenn giving him the space and opportunity to do so. This is when I stopped thinking about Glenn, and was like, please no no no, not Rick! Rick's way is THE WAY, and because Glenn was softhearted, Maggie is now a widow. They have one thought...move forward. Did I mention the Alexandrian who cracks under the pressure and apparently, gets Glenn killed? I know there were wounded folks among them, but it still felt like an avoidable error. Meanwhile, Rick heads off on to find a vehicle to distract the walkers. I choose to believe so. The camera pulls overhead, as the hands of the dead consume Glenn, blocking him from the frame. However, even if they are, I can't reasonably see any way for Glenn to get out of this.

It's a genuinely shocking development, not least because it leads to the demise of Glenn, one of the few surviving characters from the start of the series.

Yes, we saw Glenn perilously screaming on the ground, guts everywhere, surrounded by a massive walker herd.

Okay, so there a ton of things to talk about with "Thank You" - Season 6's third installment of (what now looks to be) a four-part same day action adventure story involving the converging dangers of walkers and Wolves. Does someone like Nicholas deserve a second chance in this world? David, Annie and the shot guy tell them to go on without them as they will only slow them down, but they will not leave anyone behind.

We are talking about the beloved Glenn Rhee who may have been killed on Sunday night's episode of The Walking Dead.

Think of all the chaos that's erupted in only three episodes. Does someone come along to rescue him? Will Glenn roll under the dumpster? On a different show, perhaps Nicholas would have proved himself. Now we just have to hope it didn't really lead to the death of our favorite pizza delivery boy/walker bait.

In case you haven't picked up a theme here, let's underline it: the Alexandrians suck. Let us know how you feel.

The Walking Dead is squeezing every ounce of direct cause-and-effect storytelling out of the quarry plan this season, a sensible approach given the sheer scale of that undertaking.