Vince Staples launches GoFundMe page so he can 'quit' music

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The Los Angeles rapper suffered some criticism for his live shows earlier in the week, prompting Vince Staples to launch a GoFundMe account. So Vince chose to not only respond with a new cut named "Get The F**k Off My Dick", but he's also started a GoFundMe page inviting all his haters and critics to donate to, and should he reach his $2 million dollar goal, he'll quit rap and shut up forever.

First and foremost I hope you're having a great day, I really do. To coincide with his fundraiser, which has amassed a little over $1,000 (at the time of publishing), Staples is planning to drop a new song at midnight (March 8) aptly titled "Get the F-k Off My D-k" aimed directly at his haters. "We would like to apologise for that".

Then the member of The Cutthroat Boyz gave an alternative for the critics.

"No songs, no interviews, no anything", he explains of his plans if the money is raised, "and you will never hear from me again". The choice is yours. That was the basis of his #GTFOMD GoFundMe campaign, and now, it's also the basis for his new song. "Either way we appreciate you", he said at the end of the one-minute video clip.

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