Venom sequel officially in the works

Venom Sequel

Comic-book enthusiasts put the pieces together to assume that slot was for "Venom 2", giving it the same release date as its predecessor.

But the box office sales tell another tale as Venom has managed to gross over $850 million (£667 million) following its release in October, which was more than Deadpool 2 and Guardians of the Galaxy thanks to a huge opening in China.

Those who stayed through until the credits will already be aware of the most important addition to the next movie in the form of an unexpected but ideal casting choice. Venom 1 was directed by Rubin Fleischer, but it's not confirmed yet if he's coming back for the sequel. Pre-production is still in the larval stage, but Michelle Williams is expected to return, and Woody Harrelson has been courted to play Carnage, the villain who will fight the film's own villain-ish anti-hero. The first Deadpool was great, but that was mostly thanks to Ryan Reynolds' performance and the material he was given to work with. He has a number of projects lined up, and is making Zombieland 2 at present. The film fared much better with audiences, however.

By the sound of it, he knows what the fans want from Venom and inviting him to take a more active role in the sequel's creation would be a smart move, no matter who the director is. Carnage should certainly allow for that and it would be great to see more of She-Venom after the tiny hint in the first movie.