Venom opens to $205.2 million at the global box office

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We already know about the majesty of "Shallow", but another secret strong record from the movie is "Look What I Found", the bouncy ballad sung between the characters of Jackson Maine and Ally, played by Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga.

Earlier this week, a set of Lady Gaga fans were accused of bolstering the opening weekend for Venom through online bots. The Tom Hardy starring comic book film will break the record for an October movie debut by the time the box offices close on Sunday night.

Despite receiving a bad critical score (31% rotten), Venom now holds an 88% "fresh" score on Rotten Tomatoes, while "A Star Is Born" has received a 92% fresh critic score on the website. Internationally Venom raked in over $125 million making Venom's total box office gain $205,230,000 after only 3 days!

Venom earned $80 million domestic, which is well past Deadline's projected $65 million estimate.

With director Ruben Fleischer's Venom movie now playing in theaters, I recently sat down with Michelle Williams to talk about the film.

"Venom" and the critically acclaimed "A Star Is Born" were both able to draw effectively from beyond their core audiences.

For comparison, Spider-Man Homecoming - the title character of which shares a universe with Venom in the comics - opened to £9.4 million in 2017.

Falling to third place this weekend is "Smallfoot" bringing in an estimated $14.9 million in its sophomore weekend.