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Venezuela's Maduro launches large-scale war game amid crisis

Venezuela's Supreme Court says Guaido's status invalid

PDVSA's move follows tough new USA financial sanctions imposed on January 28 and aimed at blocking leftist President Nicolas Maduro's access to the country's oil revenue.

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro launched what he described as the "most important" military drills in the history on Sunday amid an ongoing political crisis in the South American nation.

Guaido asked supporters to participate in a mass mobilization, saying it may be up to the people to bring the aid into the country.

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has ordered the soldiers to prevent the aid from crossing the border.

"(Guaido) will announce the day when, from Colombia, from the islands by sea, and from Brazil the humanitarian aid will arrive simultaneously", Toledo said.

The U.S. provided the aid and the Colombian government helped ensure its transport to the border, but the opposition is charged with handling the aid's distribution within Venezuela.

Shipments of USA food, medicine, and humanitarian aid are on the Colombian side, with a tanker and two large trucks sitting in the middle of the bridge.

But a Venezuelan doctor who was part of a protest Sunday accused Maduro of sinking Venezuelan medicine to a "medieval" level.

Maduro said he will make "the sufficient investment for Venezuela" to strengthen its anti-aircraft and anti-missile defense system, and equip the militia with "even the most modern missiles in the world".

The large-scale military exercise, which is being held in the country's 200-year history, will continue until February 15. "There are armed forces here and a people to defend the honor, dignity, and decorum".

Maduro is refusing to step down or call for a new election, accusing the USA of orchestrating a coup attempt.

The report follows statements from the opposition-whose leader and President of the National Assembly declared himself interim president last month-that a special fund will be set up in the United States where proceeds from the sale of Venezuelan crude would go.