Valve Announces Artifact - DOTA 2 Card Game

Enlarge  Want more info on Valve's upcoming card-battling game Artifact? Too bad! All you get for now is this

During Valve's esports event "The International" yesterday, Valve released a teaser trailer for its brand new game, and sorry folks, it isn't Half Life 3.

The International, DOTA 2 Championships taking place at Seattle Centers has begun on the 7 of August and will end on the 12.

What does it play like?

The game will see players utilising lanes, building bases and battling creeps.

Dota is no longer just a MOBA. Hero abilities can be used, like Bounty Hunter being able to track an enemy Hero to pick up additional gold.

What does it look like?

Alternative headline: Valve have announced a precision device for hoovering up money called Artifact.

When does it come out?

We don't know, but the safe guess is probably yes.

Again, Valve hasn't confirmed any platforms, but we can make an educated guess. The YouTube trailer's like to dislike ratio is also heavily negative and as you can imagine, the comments aren't particularly favourable either.

But there is good news: the company will release Artifact for mobiles.

More info as we get it, people! It's a digital card game based around Dota 2.

Former Double Fine project lead Brad Muir has confirmed his involvement in Artifact, which might help its appeal to Dota fans. And we are sure that Artifact will not be the last.

The use of the term "trading card game" is interesting, as most digital card games don't have trading and refer to themselves as "collectable card games" instead.

I can't say I'm overflowing with anticipation for this Artifact card game, but neither is my cup running over with bile about Valve not dancing to my tune.

Tom Marks is an Associate Editor focusing on PC gaming at IGN.