USPSTF issues final recommendation on smoking cessation in adults

A man blows out smoke from an e-cigarette in this undated file

Presently, there are at least 2 million ex-smokers using e-cigarettes in the United States. The report details results of the annual Florida Youth Tobacco Survey.

One in five (22 percent) of those over 16 in Scotland now define themselves as smokers, a proportion similar to 2013 levels.

The worldwide analysis of published research by the Cochrane Review in December concluded the devices could help smokers quit but said much of the existing research on e-cigarettes was thin. But many have found another way to get their nicotine fixes.

Indeed, data indicates that e-cigarettes may be a less unsafe way to smoke and some doctors might even recommend using them instead of cigarettes as an intervention method for quitting but there is no proof, necessarily, that electronic cigarettes can help people quit smoking. One of the trials found no difference in cessation rates between those who used nicotine patches, e-cigarettes with nicotine and e-cigarettes without nicotine.

Maureen Watt, Scottish Government Minister for Public Health, said: "This survey gives us some useful information about what the situation is in Scotland".

"This alarming increase in e-cigarette use among teens has the potential to normalize smoking again after decades of hard work in Florida and across the country to reverse that norm", said Shannon Hughes, an official with the Florida Department of Health.

Among kids, smoking is at a record low while e-cigarette use skyrockets.

The e-cigarettes have been around since 2007, but impact was always neglected. Scotland has a vision for putting cigarettes - the most lethal and addictive consumer product on open sale - out of sight, out of mind and out of fashion for the next generation.

What's more, a study from the Center for Environmental Health relased earlier this month suggests that e-cigarettes may expose users to harmful chemicals, such as formaldehyde. Some people find it easier than they expected just to stop. But every individual is different; some might respond better to behavioral therapy, some might respond better to varenicline, some might feel nicotine replacement is important to bridge them away from tobacco use. "There is free expert advice on stopping smoking available from local stop smoking services and pharmacies".