Usher plans to sue accusers as he is reportedly herpes free - Details

Usher's Insurance Company Doesn't Feel They Should Have to Defend Him in Herpes Lawsuits

On Monday, Quantasia Sharpton stepped forward as the first woman to publicly reveal herself in a number of lawsuits against Usher claiming the singer had sex with women without telling them he had herpes. Two of the accusers, one of whom has tested positive for herpes, remain anonymous, but the other, Quantasia Sharpton, went public with her accusation at a news conference in NY.

"About an hour later, he arrived".

Sharpton said she was shocked last month to learn that Usher possibly has herpes. "He never warned me about any STDs", Sharpton said.

Sharpton, a 21-year-old who is also a mother of three, claims that her and Usher had sex following a concert of his. Usher does this as an esteem booster to help all sorts of women feel special at his concerts, claim the sources. A security guard then asked for her number because Usher saw her backstage and was interested in her. Although she was negative, she contacted Bloom because she felt like her rights were violated because she was never informed.

Controversial comedian Lil Duval came to Usher's defense, tweeting that he refused to believe that Usher had sex with Sharpton though he put it in more obscene terms.

But however much Usher and his critics want to go after Sharpton, they haven't had much definitive to say about Usher's other accusers, other than that they think they must be lying.

Other documents are said to lack the names of the plaintiff, defendant and the lawyers involved because the legal complaint doesn't exist, according to Usher's representatives. The insurer also claims that he had concealed from the company a prior lawsuit in 2012 for $1.1 million that dealt with the same issue.

While Sharpton doesn't have the disease, at least one of the three clients that Bloom is representing say they caught the disease, and blame Usher for it.