USA measles cases top 100; big outbreaks reported in Madagascar, Philippines

USA measles cases top 100; big outbreaks reported in Madagascar, Philippines

But despite the growing measles outbreak, which is one of the worst in the state's history, anti-vaxxers are adamant that they should be able to refuse vaccinations for their children.

"You will then see subsequently other vaccine-preventable diseases manifest", said Ms Katrina Kretsinger, leader of the WHO's measles and rubella team in Geneva.

The CDC attributes measles outbreaks, both recent and the ones in years past, to many people from the USA traveling to countries with more measles cases than usual, as well as small pockets of unvaccinated people in the US itself.

"More children in the WHO European Region are being vaccinated against measles than ever before; but progress has been uneven between and within countries, leaving increasing clusters of susceptible individuals unprotected, and resulting in a record number of people affected by the virus in 2018", the United Nations agency said this week in a news release.

So far in 2019, outbreaks of three or more cases also have been reported in Texas, New York City and New York's Monroe and Rockland counties.

Outbreaks in New York City and Rockland County have been ongoing since a year ago, and have been concentrated among Orthodox Jewish communities.

More than 1,500 cases and 26 deaths have been reported, authorities said late last week. Those without insurance can visit a state health center.

People with measles may be isolated and those exposed may be quarantined by public health officials to try to curb the spread of the disease, The Sacramento Bee reported. Approximately 4,000 measles cases were reported that killed around 22 children.

"I plan to get Hepatitis A and B, MMR, the flu, HPV, TDaP [tetanus, diptheria and pertussis], and many other immunizations that I was "exempt" from", she wrote in an email, adding that the re-emergence of measles has made her "seriously anxious". It causes fever, red eyes, cough, runny nose and a rash.

At the same time, a children 10 years old or younger did get diagnosed with measles.

In 2018, Duque admitted that the country's immunization rate plunged to 40 pecent from an average of 70 percent in recent years. President Bill Clinton and congressional Republicans and Democrats came together to establish the Vaccines for Children program to remove affordability as a barrier to vaccination. Demand for vaccinations has skyrocketed in Clark County, Kaiser Health News reported, with requested orders of the vaccine reaching 3,150 doses in January, up from 530 in the same period past year. "This refers to mothers who became hesitant to have their children vaccinated with vaccines that were long proven to be effective", it said. "Subsequently, measles outbreaks have also increased".

A similar measure failed in 2015 after facing opposition.