USA is India's best friend: Biden

US Wants to be India’s Best Friend

India has invited the USA industry to participate in building smart cities and cleaning the Ganga river among other government initiatives and build long-term links with India's economic growth story.

Swaraj said India offers big opportunities and asked American companies for a massive investment in the country. And all of you here and to many of our very, very capable - beyond capable - globally recognized, extraordinary CEOs who are here of major companies, and so many of you who are forging this relationship, we thank you.

"We see business between our two countries not simply as transactions, but as yet another manifestation and another multiplier of that very important strategic convergence".

And I believe that each of our countries is - this is really an historic mark and moment, because each of our countries came from the same colonial background.

"And although differences of ideology have separated us in the past, we are in the end, and I think that's what brings you here, the most natural of partners". "Each of our countries is ethnically and culturally diverse, and each is a labourer for peace, and each seeks a world in which the light of the human spirit overcomes darkness", Kerry said.

The USA delegation will include secretary of state John Kerry, secretary of commerce Penny Pritzker and secretary of energy Ernest Moniz. "To achieve that, we need to dismantle, and in fact throw into garbage the existing labour laws of India", he said.

Proposed restrictive measures on skilled non-immigrant visas threaten Indian information technology (IT) firms, more so because existing issues related to the US H1B/L1 visa fee hike, a difficult visa grant process, increased processing time and higher rejection rates are yet to be resolved.

"Institutions in both and the, the executive, legislature, political parties and businesses pulsate with the same values and beliefs", she said. "I hope that India will be the partner with the United States that helps to get the job done for hundreds of millions, billions of people around this planet who are waiting for people to lead in the right direction and to make government live up to its fundamental responsibilities", Kerry said. "The scale of India's economic ambitions gives an unprecedented opportunity to USA businesses", she said.

"India In The Caribbean" is a basic presentation, away from the routine points resembling cramped huts, and singles out a few of the achievements of the Indian diaspora immediately that are each instructional and ahead-wanting, thus making certain a agency place in the general scheme of challenges which they confronted earlier on in their sojourn to Trinidad and Tobago and by extension the Caribbean.

"The eyes of history stay altered on India and the United States as they draw nearer to introducing what could be an entire new period". "We have plans to boost urbanisation and we are determined to provide affordable power and housing for all".


The business conclave held on Monday on the eve of the first Strategic and Commercial Dialogue at the Andrew Mellon Auditorium, Washington D.C., would set the stage for Prime Minister Narendra Modi's forthcoming meeting with President Barack Obama this week.