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US Sen. Elizabeth Warren launches book tour

The GOP effort to crush Elizabeth Warren ahead of 2020 has begun Conservative PAC looks to derail potential presidential bid

Instead she endorsed Hillary Clinton in the Democratic primary, disappointing progressives that backed Vermont Sen.

The famously press-averse MA senator will suddenly be very visible as she tours the country to promote her new book ahead of a 2018 reelection campaign, all of which could lay the groundwork for a possible 2020 presidential bid. And they say they'll continue developing "the long-term research and communications angles to damage her 2020 prospects".

However, Democrats are surely already planning efforts to defeat President Trump and retake the White House in 2020, following the party's embarrassing 2016 defeat. She added that everyone had to accept responsibility for this.Democrats. Colin Reed, Executive Director of America Rising, has affirmed the belief of Conservatives when he said that Warren's new book may be "a soft launch of her 2020 presidential run". The tour will include stops this week in New York City, Boston, and Mount Holyoke College in South Hadley, Massachusetts.

Warren used the line again in a National Public Radio interview promoting her new book.

"Maybe I should ask some of the Badger women's hockey team, those champions, " she said in front of the Wisconsin State Capitol, "If we should be suggesting to GOP leaders they need to learn how to fight like a girl!" "We got to keep the focus on what he actually does". "We'll do the same to her as we did with Hillary Clinton in 2014". When she was asked if becoming president was an ambition of hers, she flatly denied it held any appeal for her by saying that she was planning to run again in 2018, but only as a senator.

Book tours have often been the first tentative step onto the campaign trail for White House aspirants, going back to at least John F. Kennedy, who wrote "Profiles in Courage" three years before being elected president.

"I think it is likely to be Elizabeth Warren", said Cruz during a panel discussion, according to The Texas Tribune. "This is my 11th book". "Right now, I believe we've all got to be in the fight and that's why the book is called 'This Fight is Our Fight'". "The Senate thing was bad enough, and running for president would be worse-a lot worse".