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US intercepts 2 Russian bombers off Alaska's coast

US F-22s Intercept Russian Nuclear Bombers Off the Coast of Alaska

The AWAC accompanied both Russian planes for several hours before they ultimately turned back 35 miles short of the US coast.

During that incident, CNN reported that the Russian pilots relayed a message of greetings on the USA independence day.

Two Russian bombers flew within 100 miles of Alaska on Monday night.

The U.S. military tracked two Russian bombers that flew close to the Alaskan coast Tuesday afternoon in the second such event in as many days, American officials said.

But Adam Kizinger, a Republican representative from IL, called the incident "a show of force by the Russians to show us that they are still here", saying that the country was "trying to show their teeth" by flying so close to the U.S. A U.S. E-3 Sentry plane dispatched from Anchorage flew alongside the bombers for several hours before they reversed course.

The official told ABC the vehicles came as close as 35 nautical miles from the USA coastline and appeared heading northeast toward the mainland.

The command monitors air approaches to North America and defends the airspace.

Tillerson discussed the recent chemical weapons attack in Russia, as well as allegations of Russian interference int he 2016 USA presidential election.

Pentagon spokesman Michelle Baldanza earlier told TASS that two F-22 fifth-generation fighter jets were scrambled on April 18 to intercept the Russian bombers near the coast of Alaska.

Russia's of Defense Ministry said that, the US F-22 tracked Russian Tu-95MS for nearly half an hour over neutral waters near Alaska.

Russian TU-95 Strategic Bomber in flight.

Monday's showdown was the latest in a string of encounters between US and Russian military. During the visit, he said America's relationship with Russian Federation was at a "low point".