Uplay+ game subscription service introduced by Ubisoft

Uplay Plus Ubisoft Stadia

Ubisoft is the newest publisher to join the bandwagon - at a press conference on Monday, it announced its new subscription service - Uplay+, offering a catalog of more than a 100 games for the PC for $14.99/month. After a short test period in January, the project ended and Google kept pretty quiet about its future game streaming ... That's the flagship title launching with Uplay+, and while it won't be out until October 4, subscribers can expect beta access for Breakpoint just a couple days after the service launches (early access is another perk of subscribing).

Ubisoft will no doubt unveil its full lineup of games soon but from what we've seen it's a fairly comprehensive selection, drawing from the company's rich history.

Each game will be the premium edition of each title, including all DLC and expansions.

The new subscription service is similar to that of EA's Origin Access, Microsoft's Xbox Game Pass, and more recently, Google's Stadia cloud gaming platform. However, you have to sign up by August 15th to take advantage of the free period which lasts from September 3rd until September 30th.

It's not just new games coming to Uplay+; it's classic franchises and current releases. Will Ubisoft do a good job with Uplay+? "Uplay +, we offer everyone greater freedom, making it even easier to access our vast catalog of games", said Brenda Panagrossi, vice president of Platform and Product Management. That makes sense; Electronic Arts, like Ubisoft, is a publisher known for its diverse array of game franchises and its commitment to post-release support.

Latest Released Games: Tom Clancy's The Division® 2, Assassin's Creed® Odyssey, Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six® Siege, Far Cry® 5, Anno 1800™ and more. Considering that's the same price as Ubisoft's Uplay+ subscription, it's a steal.