Unofficial iPhone Xr video showcases Apple's most intriguing phone of 2018

Unofficial iPhone Xr video showcases Apple's most intriguing phone of 2018

The coding did not give prices of the new phones, but Apple will likely blast further past the $1,000 mark set by the 10th anniversary iPhone X a year ago, when it announces new phones at its Silicon Valley headquarters.

Apple chief executive Tim Cook has touted fitness and health features of the company´s smartwatch, which dominates that market.

The UK price is expected to be in line with the dollar price as Apple has typically retailed its phones for the exact same amount in sterling as it has in dollars.

Research firm IDC expects worldwide smartphone shipments to decline 0.7 percent in 2018 to 1.455 billion units, with growth likely to resume as 5G devices become available. A bigger version will be called the iPhone XS Max, which looks to be about the size of the iPhone 8 Plus, though the screen size is much larger. The previous Apple Watch was available in 38 mm and 42 mm sizes.

With the new launches, Apple is hoping to expand its market share in the increasingly competitive smart-phone space.

The new top model, called iPhone XS Max, has a 16.5-centimetre screen with a "super retina" edge-to-edge OLED display with richer colours.

Apple marketing chief Phil Schiller says Smart HDR will improve iPhone XS photos' ability to capture both shadow details and bright highlights.

Apple Inc is set to unveil three new iPhones on Wednesday, named XS Max, XS and Xr, according to coding on the company's website spotted by tech news blog ATH, confirming expectations that the company is making only minor changes to its lineup based on last year's iPhone X. Samsung remained in the lead.

The company is in the unique situation of controlling the hardware and software in its mobile devices, with content for users required to go through its App Store that takes a percentage of revenue.

"The big thing is going to be how they fit such a massive screen into such a small device".

Apple's events are pompous, neurotically controlled celebrations of capitalist extraction, but it's hard to deny their importance.

The phone's new Smart HDR feature promises zero shutter lag, using a variety of buffers to make sure you get the best version of your subject the second you tap the shutter button. The XS models also have Apple-designed lenses, Schiller said.

The third model, with an expected 15.5-centimetre display, has intrigued analysts the most.