Ukrainian police launch criminal proceedings as Mikhail Saakashvili crosses border illegally

Ukrainian police launch criminal proceedings as Mikhail Saakashvili crosses border illegally

"They did it against all the rules, what's happening here?"

Saakashvili traveled to Lviv after crossing the border, but his whereabouts today are not clear.

Tbilisi on Tuesday asked Kiev to extradite Saakashvili to face charges of misappropriation of property and abuse of office among others. Saakashvili was outside the country when the decision was made.

The Ukrainian border service said in a Facebook post that the crowd broke through a checkpoint and that fighting broke out when guards tried to block Saakashvili's supporters.

Ukraine's outspoken ex-prime minister Yulia Tymoshenko threw her support behind the 49-year-old, accompanying him as he attempted to cross into Ukraine the first time.

Saakashvili, helped by hundreds of supporters, pushed his way through a small cordon of Ukrainian border guards at the Medyka-Shehyni crossing on the Polish border yesterday.

Mikheil Saakashvili said on Monday he was not seeking the presidency for himself, but wanted to see Poroshenko ousted at the next election in 2019.

On July 26, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko revoked Saakashvili's Ukrainian citizenship over the later's allegedly submitting false information while applying for a passport. "We should have democracy in our country and should not have the diktat of the oligarchs".

Saakashvili, who became governor of Odessa, Ukraine, under Poroshenko in part due to his performance keeping pro-Russians out of power in Georgia, has become a prominent leader for anti-Russian Ukrainians. And it is all the same to me who breaches the state border, whether fighters in the east or politicians in the west. He also announced the establishment of an anti-corruption, anti-elitist political party, "citing past praise by U.S. President-elect Donald Trump for his reforms".

The former Georgian president, who has vowed to return to Ukraine to challenge the revocation of his Ukrainian citizenship and to reenter politics, now runs the risk of being arrested on the grounds that he illegally entered Ukraine.

"He showed the scale of corruption of Ukraine. This is very sad", Saakashvili said Friday in Warsaw. Saakashvili gave up his Georgian citizenship to take the job, where he rapidly began sweeping anti-corruption activities.

In December 2015, Georgian authorities stripped Saakashvili of Georgian citizenship as dual citizenship is not allowed in Georgia.