Uber is Launching a Car Rental Service Right From its App

Uber is Launching a Car Rental Service Right From its App

Uber says "we want to be a better partner to city planners and regulators, so we hope this data will help give them valuable insights for the future".

Khosrowshahi also announced products aimed at urban planners and city officials.

And it wants to prime its user base by providing access to multiple means of transportation that meet a variety of needs that makes it easier to ditch their cars.

Reuters provides more: "Uber said in a statement it had entered an agreement to buy JUMP, but an Uber spokeswoman declined to disclose the terms of the deal".

Uber's announcement spree started earlier this week with the acquisition of Jump Bikes, a bikeshare company specializing in electric bicycles.

Uber has actually been running a ride-sharing pilot together with Jump since January, exploring its potential in San Francisco.

Uber also announced a partnership with Masabi, which offers mobile ticketing services for public transport, to let customers book and use tickets for train, bus and ferry services in the app.

Later this month in San Francisco, the ride-hailing firm will launch Uber Rent in collaboration with Getaround, a peer-to-peer vehicle sharing service that offers privately owned cars for rent.

He continued: "Autonomous is part of the solution, and I think in the long term is going to be a very important part of the solution of getting rid of auto ownership".

Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi said he still believes self-driving cars are a "very important part of the solution of getting rid of vehicle ownership".

The new upgraded and additional services offer users more alternative than its standard ride-hailing service, which can get costly. Uber Rent will be introduced in San Francisco later this month, with a wider USA rollout expected throughout the year.

Khosrowshahi said the Uber app would start including locations for electric bikes from its newly acquired bike-sharing group Jump, which now operates in Washington and San Francisco. It will integrate the interface found in Getaround's mobile app into its own app. Customers will be able to select a auto, choose how many hours or days they want to drive it, and use the Uber app to unlock the vehicle with their smartphone. Other data available includes journey times across the city when major sporting events are taking place, along with road closures or more. "Uber is going to invest more specifically in modes that are not just ride-hailing".

In his blog post, Khosrowshahi writes that updating Uber's app was a logical next step for the company.