U.S. president Donald Trump visits United Kingdom, in pictures

Hiding out

The US President touched down in London Stansted Airport, Essex, at 1.50pm BST with his wife, First Lady Melania Trump, after arriving from the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation summit in Brussels.

Next, on July 13, a demonstration has been organised by the "Stop Trump Coalition" with the initial protest movement.

"Now more than ever we have a responsibility to stand up for our values and ensure our voice is heard around the world", he wrote in London's Evening Standard newspaper.

An alert posted on the embassy's website Tuesday listed advice for any America who unexpectedly finds themselves caught up in an anti-Trump demonstration. Permission for the float was issued by London Mayor Sadiq Khan, who has exchanged back-and-forth criticism with Trump.

And if the President makes an impromptu appearance at the Trump Arms? It will hover above Parliament Square later this week during the president's visit.

Trump's trip is part of a working visit and not a state visit, an invitation to which was extended to him personally by May just days after his inauguration.

"We are not going to let Donald Trump divide our communities", he said. That includes this week's resignations of members of the Cabinet and Parliament over May's proposals to keep some agreements intact after leaving the European Union next year.

The first of a series of protests over the president's visit was held outside Trump Turnberry on Wednesday, with a small group of activists from Stand Up to Racism Scotland (SUTR) brandishing banners with the slogans "Trump not welcome" and "No to racism, no to Trump".

"You see the poor old Trump supporter is like a fella with a disease - he's afraid to put his hand up and say that he is a supporter", he said. "It's not for me to decide what's in good taste or bad taste". "Trump would share that level of national identity and patriotism".

In fact, security concerns mean the US President has two of the stretched, armour-plated vehicles in Britain so would-be attackers don't know which one he is in.

Melania's day won't be spent entirely apart from her husband, as she and Donald are set to meet the queen at Windsor Castle, where they will take tea with the royal after watching a military parade.

"And I said Putin may be the easiest of them all", he continued.

She added: 'So there's a very serious message behind this but what we're hoping is that on Friday this can be a symbol that people, no matter what they're campaigning on, can get behind, and can feel that this is representing them and all their campaign issues'.

But that could change. During Trump's address at Central Intelligence Agency headquarters, on his first full day as commander in chief, Trump noted that Churchill "doesn't come from our country but had a lot to do with it".

Churchill spent three weeks at the White House, cementing his close ties with Roosevelt and forming the basis for future relations between the USA and Great Britain.

"This is not an accident", said Woody Johnson, Trump's ambassador to the United Kingdom. "Britain is going to have to look right around the world for allies with which to do trade deals".

Yet according to David Wemer of the Atlantic Council, a new U.S. -U.K. trade deal isn't a high priority for the Trump administration.

Mr Trump - whose mother was from the Isle of Lewis - is due to touch down in Scotland on Friday night before spending the weekend at the famous South Ayrshire course, which he bought in 2014.