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U.S. has lost 'mediator role' in Middle East: Turkish President Erdogan

GETTYPro-kurdish have protested Erdogan's three-day state visit

At least 55 Palestinian demonstrators have been killed Monday - and hundreds more injured - by Israeli army forces deployed along the Gaza border, according to the Palestinian Health Ministry.

Mr Erdogan condemned President Trump's decision to move the USA embassy to the contested city of Jerusalem, a move that Britain and other European powers oppose.

"We will not allow today to be the day the Muslim world loses Jerusalem", Erdoğan said, condemning the "humanitarian tragedy, this genocide", no matter where it comes from, either Israel or the U.S.

The Turkish president announced he was calling a "giant meeting" on Friday to protest Israel's actions at the vast Yenikapi area in Istanbul, which has capacity for more than a million people.

"The United States has chosen to be a part of the problem rather than the solution with its latest step and has lost its mediating role in the peace process", Erdogan said in a speech at Britain's Chatham House think tank. "As it was before, Jerusalem will continue to be independent Palestine's capital", he said.

He said Turkey, as the term president of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), has called for an emergency meeting on May 18, adding that Turkey's parliament will convene with a special agenda.

Bozdag also said the Turkish government had recalled envoys in Tel Aviv and Washington for consultations.

"This provocation will only worsen the problems in the region and cause a deeper mark in the Israeli-Palestinian relationship, and will make peace in the region more hard", Mr. Yildirim added. Various injuries received 2.4 thousand protesters.