U.S. ambassador casts doubt on whether American athletes will attend Winter Olympics

U.S. ambassador casts doubt on whether American athletes will attend Winter Olympics

So, none of that's a terribly emphatic declaration that the US won't be going.

The International Olympic Committee banned the entire Russian Olympic team from the games earlier this week over a doping scandal.

Speaking in late October, USOC vice president of sport performance Kelly Skinner said, "Every Games environment brings about unique challenges, and we have some tremendous partners in the State Department that can help us prepare".

Even then, these are some absolutely wonderful remarks from the leaders of the United States in the lead up to the 2018 Winter Olympics.

In recent days, North Korea has continued to suggest that war is inevitable as it moves ahead with its missile testing program.

The situation on the Korean Peninsula has escalated since the beginning of the year over Pyongyang's nuclear and missile tests conducted in violation of the UN Security Council's resolution.

Nikki Haley told Fox News that the United States would take "every precaution" to ensure the safety of its athletes.

"Is that a done deal - is the United States recommending that our team goes, or is that still an open question, in this environment?"

"In the talks that we have - whether it's Jerusalem or North Korea - it's about, how do we protect the USA citizens in the area?"

The 2018 Winter Olympics are scheduled to be held February 9-25 in Pyeongchang, South Korea. "We have to watch this closely, and it is changing by the day".

But her concerns and stated uncertainty had already bounced around the Olympic world as officials from the United States to Pyeongchang offered reassurances.

"What have we always said?"

"There is full support from the United Nations, very positive message coming out of the assembly", Dubi said.

"As with every Games, the safety of our employees is always our number one consideration", he said.

North Korea's Foreign Ministry claimed this week that the outbreak of war on the Korean Peninsular is an "established fact" and seemingly a matter of when rather than if.

Local business are not concerned, according to The Post's Yoonjung Seo, who is in Pyeongchang. Cho Hyun-sub opened a dumpling store right across from the main Olympic Stadium three months ago.

Since his debut as a child actor in 1997 with the sitcom "Selling Happiness", Jang has established himself as one of the most popular South Korean singer-actors across Asia.