United Nations alerted after NASA spots baby bear walking on Mars

NASA SPOTTED Alien hunters are convinced this

We reported a story about claims made by a self-proclaimed alien expert and alien hunter that they had spotted a real "animal" on Mars in a Curiosity rover image, but it seems that in the same image they missed out "swan", "duck", and a "human head".

YouTube channel Paranormal Crucible has uploaded a video stating that the animal shown in the image is a real animal and not any statue. The video analyzes the image and suggests that the animal could be a small mammal type creature or a hybrid species of gundi or prairie dog. Waring said that it is evidence that living organisms exist on the Red Planet, and this is why NASA only posts black and white photos. NASA tries to put out of sight plants and the living creatures that can be seen in color. Same goes with Scott Waring of UFOSightingsDaily who has been hunting for aliens and UFOs and writing about them for years now. This creature has real hair as seen from the shadows around its body.

He continued: "This is a great example that".

Prior to the baby polar bear on Mars, Waring has claimed that there is a dark lady, a statue of Buddha and crabs on Mars.

The alleged alien creature on Mars
NASA BEAR Some commenters have said the image looks like a bear

Waring has also chosen to send this image to the Secretary-General of the United Nations and request the organization to investigate it.

On the website, Waring said he will send the photo to the United Nations, particularly to Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon. He claimed that he often alert them about his awesome discoveries, but he has gotten only one answer as of yet.

However, UFO hunters are sure about what they have seen and they want that the rest of the world should also know the truth.