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Turkey urges Saudi Arabia to name suspects on trial for Khashoggi's murder

His presentation came after 36 countries issued a joint statement demanding justice for the killing

Saudi Arabia on Thursday reiterated its rejection of calls for an global, independent investigation into the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi, insisting it was well equipped to bring the perpetrators to justice.

Bandar bin Mohammed al Aiban, president of the Saudi Arabia's human rights commission, described Mr Khashoggi's killing as both an "unfortunate accident" and a "heinous crime".

Some Western governments have accused Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman of being implicated in the murder. It said earlier on Thursday that Saudi authorities should disclose the names of defendants and the charges they face if it want to avoid questions over the "sincerity of judicial proceedings in the kingdom".

Meanwhile, human rights groups, as well as dozens of foreign governments, have urged Saudi Arabia to cooperate with a United Nations-led investigation into the crime. " While not naming any names, he said that 11 Saudi citizens had been indicted for the "heinous crime" a year ago".

"Justice in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia operates pursuant to worldwide law and it does so in all transparency", Aiban told the Geneva forum during a review of Saudi's rights record. The suspects, dubbed as the execution team who returned to Saudi Arabia after killing Khashoggi at the Saudi consulate in Istanbul on October 2, 2018, will now be sought for arrest throughout the world.

Although a country rich with exceptional natural, cultural, and heritage sites, Saudi Arabia is only now developing its tourism sector beyond its current structure, which has been created to cater all-year-round to religious pilgrims.

He said those on trial in connection have had three hearings with their lawyers present but he neglected to provide further information.

"They are entitled to legal council, and they have also been informed of their rights to resort to the services of council during the investigation phase and during the trial", he said.

While Saudi Arabia has abolished the ban on women driving since its previous review, other government-enforced guardian restrictions remain in place, including on travel outside the country.