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TSA Fails To Spot Weapons More Than Half The Time

ABC News is reporting that an undercover operation by Homeland Security shows that TSA failed most tests in U.S. airports

How confident are you in the Transportation Security Administration?

Undercover investigators were able to smuggle mock knives, guns and explosives through airport checkpoints earlier this year, and succeeded far more often than they failed.

According to, the Department of Homeland Security sent undercover inspectors through several USA airports to review the performance of TSA officers, the screening equipment and their procedures.

The Department of Homeland Security has uncovered disturbing failures by the TSA during a recent undercover inspection, according to a source familiar with the classified report.

Undercover tests conducted by the Department of Homeland Security revealed "vulnerabilities" at security checkpoints across United States airports.

Undercover operatives from the Department of Homeland Security's Office of Inspector General (OIG) were able to smuggle contraband through US airports at a high rate, according to a new report shared with a Congressional committee.

"This agency that you run is broken badly and it needs your attention", Rep. Mike Rogers told TSA Administrator David Pekoske at a House Homeland Security Committee hearing Wednesday.

Word of those security lapses has some travelers at RDU International Airport anxious.

The undercover findings and recommendations were made during a Wednesday, Nov. 8 House Homeland Security Committee.

Despite the high rate of failure, the results of this round of testing is better than two years ago, when screeners missed 95 percent of prohibited items.

"We continue to work with our partners across the global aviation community to collaborate, innovate, and implement new security practices in the face of evolving threats", Pekoske said in a statement.

The TSA was tested recently to see if its screeners, equipment and security procedures were up to par - and the agency failed miserably, with an estimated success rate of about 20 percent, a report says.

The DHS suggested eight classified recommendations following the operation and, according to CBS News, lawmakers and TSA officials plan to replace old check point scanners with new CT scanners, which Pekoske said are equipped with the most effective technology.