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Trump's 'vulgarity' toward Chuck Todd 'not a good look — Fox's Kurtz

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           Trump Calls Maxine Waters “Low IQ” Chuck Todd “Sleepy Son Of A B*tch”
       By Farron Cousins

Speaking to Chuck Todd on Meet the Press yesterday, he said Trump's jibes must be seen in the "context of a campaign rally". "He's a sleeping son of a b**ch".

On Sunday morning, Todd responded to Trump's comments by talking about how the president's use of vulgarity creates problems for parents who raise their kids to look up to the commander-in-chief.

"Yesterday's rally was sort of him unleashed, which is why he went after his favorite targets in the media", Todd said, noting the United States president is welcome on "Meet the Press" any Sunday he wants.

Honing his insult comedy shtick at a Saturday rally to support Republican congressional candidate Rick Saccone, President Donald Trump offered a vulgar new variation on an old epithet for Meet the Press host Chuck Todd, a longtime target of enmity toward the media.

Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin on Sunday downplayed "vulgarities" uttered by President Donald Trump and argued that children should be focusing on White House policy instead of the president's words.

"He's getting more and more comfortable shooting from the hip and conducting his presidency by his gut", Todd said.

Mnuchin concluded his interview by saying "obviously there were a lot of amusing moments [at] that rally" - a comment which left Todd entirely unimpressed.

MSNBC host Joe Scarborough also hit out at Trump, stating that he "pushed the crowd to boo Chuck Todd" while "embracing tyrants and stopping the crowd from booing Kim Jong-un".

Yet this wasn't the first time Trump referred to the NBC host with the snoozy description. Todd was incredulous: "So you're saying that's acceptable behavior for the rest of the administration too, or it's just unique to him?"

Noonan, who appeared as a guest on Todd's program Sunday, said she would never conflate Trump with a Neanderthal-ostensibly to avoid denigrating the archaic human species.

Todd winked at the dustup in a tweet last night promoting this morning's broadcast.

Wrapping up Meet the Press, Todd said only, "That's all we have for today".

Trump supporter Collin Rugg accused the left of "losing their minds" when Trump fights back, despite liberals "spending all day attacking and slandering" the U.S. president. They used to try to at least hide this.