Trump's national attention turns to state races

Obama No one in my administration got indicted

That narrative is based largely on national polls, and caution should be urged.

Trump made a series of media appearances and campaign rallies in Ohio, Indiana and Missouri the day before elections that will determine whether his Republican party retains control of Congress. If not, the race for the next presidential election in 2020 is well and truly on. So everyone should be prepared for surprises - because there always are some.

It is a cunning play that would leave the estimated 60 House Republicans facing tough election fights anxious.

Likely Senate outcome: Republicans hold on to the Senate. Ryan seems to believe that the way to break the blue wave is to find those indies who are still left on the table, presumably by focusing on the economy.

However, the winning a majority in the Senate will be an uphill task. That right there is and has been a huge flashing red light for the GOP.

The then 47-year-old Democrat, who became the 44th USA president, garnered 365 electoral votes and almost 53 per cent of the popular vote, while his 72-year-old Republican challenger captured 173 electoral votes, more than 45 per cent of the popular vote.

"In view of analysts at Deutsche Bank, tomorrow's United States mid-term elections are the focal point for the week and polls and betting markets indicate that the Democrats are likely to take control of the House, while the Republicans are likely to retain Senate control".

One of the RNC report's authors, Ari Fleischer, acknowledged that Republican leaders never envisioned expanding their ranks with white, working-class men. And where do a lot of those women live?

Democrats need to pick up two dozen seats to claim the House majority.

If the Republicans win these key states, it's a vote of confidence for Trump. Historically, the more people who vote, the more likely it is that Democrats will win.

He has a clear strategy: drive Republican turnout by painting a dark, apocalyptic vision of life in America under Democrats, while fanning fears over illegal immigration. To actually remove the President by impeachment, however, they would need a two-thirds majority in the Senate.

Joe LaVorgna at Natixis noted Monday that in the 24 instances since 1922 that there have been midterm elections, the S&P 500 has done quite poorly in the nine months leading in the election, rising just 0.6% on average, but in the nine months following midterms, the S&P 500 has an average return of 14.4%. They want them to be able to vote'.

This would be a huge win for the GOP. Out of the 35 Senate contests Tuesday, 10 involve Democratic incumbents seeking re-election in states that Trump won big.

The party hopes the president's hard-line rhetoric will help them win over younger voters, suburban moderates and minorities to the polls. Various analysts have given the Democrats a strong chance of taking control of the House of Representatives, while predicting that the Republicans will hold on to the Senate. And who pays for polls for the most part?

In the final stretch, Trump has ramped up his hard-line rhetoric on immigration and cultural issues, including warnings about a caravan of migrants headed to the border with Mexico and "liberal" mobs, and touted a growing US economy that he said would be threatened by Democrats. The Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare) would very likely be repealed once and for all. The group became animated talking about how Trump had given new focus to those early Tea Party goals of reclaiming government for ordinary citizens, not just the "elites" in Washington.

What's more, Trump's strategy of demonizing immigrants would have worked - again.

In Pittsburgh, where residents just finished burying those gunned down at the Tree of Life synagogue, some voters saw their Election Day decisions as a way to send a message that the country is headed down a dark and risky path.