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Trump's Former Campaign Manager Acknowledges Making Millions as Pro-Russia Lobbyist


Mr. Manafort's deputy, Richard Gates, reportedly also oversaw a lobbying campaign in Washington to burnish Ukraine's image there.

Manafort says in a Justice Department filing that his firm, DMP International, received more than $17 million from the Party of Regions, the former pro-Russia ruling party in Ukraine, for consulting work from 2012-14.

Manafort also attended meetings with Paula Dobriansky, a former State Department official during the Bush administration, a senior fellow at Harvard's Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs, and Nadia Diuk, a vice president at the National Endowment for Democracy.

That Manafort received the money for the work for the Party of regions of former President Viktor Yanukovych, it became clear from the documents that American filed in the US justice Department in the framework of the law on registration of foreign agents.

However Manafort's registration came more than three years after the work had been completed. He is one of several people linked to the Trump campaign who are under scrutiny by a special counsel and congressional committees investigating Russian meddling in the 2016 campaign and potential coordination with Trump associates.

Maloni told Politico on Tuesday that Manafort began the filing process in September, before the end of the presidential race.

"Paul's primary focus was always directed at domestic Ukrainian political campaign work, and that is reflected in today's filing", Maloni said.

The consulting firm of the former chair of Trump's presidential campaign had to register as a foreign agent to consult the Ukrainian party. Michael Flynn, Trump's ousted former national security adviser, filed paperwork earlier this year admitting that he had done lobbying that benefited the Turkish government while advising Trump's campaign. He said the work with Ukrainian clients ended before Manafort joined the Trump campaign.

That work came to light in August, when consulting firms Mercury, which at one point denied working with Manafort, and The Podesta Group filed under the Foreign Agents Registration Act for work they did with Manafort setting up meetings between Ukrainian officials and USA politicians. Deliberately failing to file as a foreign agent may result in a felony criminal charge.

Ukrainian prosecutors said this week they'd found no proof of illicit payments to Manafort for his work for the party.

The firm received $17 million from the Ukrainian party.

Manafort's filing also acknowledges its advisory role to Brussels-based nonprofit the Centre for a Modern Ukraine.

Rohrabacher, Dobriansky and Diuk didn't immediately respond to requests for comment.

Manafort's work for the party was largely focused on Ukraine and performed in Ukraine, according to a person familiar with the work. The retroactive FARA filing does not account for any work in Ukraine prior to January 2012.

"Please Note: The information contained in this filing, including but not limited to descriptions of activities giving rise to the Registrant's present registration and/or contemporaneous financial receipts or disbursements, reflect only Registrant's best recollection of relevant events and such records now available, to the knowledge and belief of the Registrant, for review by the Registrant and his legal counsel", the filing states. As with the political activity, the expenses are based on available records and memory, according to the filing, and they could be amended later to add information.