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Trump's Chief Adviser about Homeland Security Resigns

White House aide Tom Bossert pushed out by new national security adviser John Bolton

New US national security adviser John Bolton made his presence felt soon after joining the office as the Donald Trump administration's homeland security adviser Tom Bossert resigned at the former's request, official sources said on Tuesday, April 10.

So far reports are that he asked for the resignations of H.R. McMaster's team.

There was some contention in the White House over Bossert's handling of alleged Russian interference in the US election and the outgoing official, who also served in the George W. Bush administration, frequently clashed with former national security adviser H.R. McMaster.

White House officials told Fox News Schadlow discussed her resignation with Bolton to allow him to build his own leadership team at the NSC.

"He will stay on board for the immediate future to help ensure a smooth and orderly transition", according to the statement. "We thank him for his continued service". "And I am particularly proud that you were able to submit your NSS to Congress earlier than any previous administration... on time and under budget!"

Bolton's strategy has proved markedly different than that of Larry Kudlow, the national economic adviser, who has offered to keep all of former economic adviser Gary Cohn's team and has made few waves at the national economic council. Bolton, a longtime advocate of pre-emptive strikes against rogue regimes like Iran and North Korea, reported for work at the White House on Monday.

Bolton is now Trump's third national security adviser-replacing McMaster, who replaced Michael Flynn.

His departure comes after a list of others among Cabinet officials and top West Wing aides, most recently the firing of Veterans' Affairs chief David Shulkin and the resignation of Hope Hicks as communications director.