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Trump Warns Iran "Sanctions Will Soon Be Increased, Substantially"

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Iran at the weekly cabinet meeting

The meeting of the International Atomic Energy Agency's 35-nation board of governors was called by the United States.

The ambassador called on Iran to reverse its nuclear steps and halt any plans for further advancements in the future. "If signatories to the deal implement their commitments, Iran also will take new steps".

About the seizure of the super tanker he went on to say that the tanker is not Iran's property and had not been sailing under an Iranian flag, therefore, legal measures must be taken by its owners.

Tensions between Washington and Tehran have risen sharply, culminating in a plan for USA air strikes on Iran last month that were called off at the last minute.

Emmanuel Bonne met Rear-Admiral Ali Shamkhani, secretary of Iran's Supreme National Security Council, and was set to meet with Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif later on Wednesday.

Tehran is now enriching uranium beyond the level agreed upon in the deal. He was speaking after meeting Emmanuel Bonne, French President Emmanuel Macron's top diplomatic adviser, who was in Tehran for talks to help ease the crisis.

With the two sides apparently deadlocked, Iran says it will continue to breach limits of the deal one by one until it receives the economic windfall the deal promised. Any country on the board can call a meeting under International Atomic Energy Agency rules.

Trump pulled the USA out of the deal, which offered sanctions relief if Tehran curbed its nuclear program.

Having warned Iran against breaching the deal, the European parties on Tuesday expressed "deep concern" but stopped short of taking action like initiating a process that could lead to the re-imposition of sanctions lifted under the deal.

"IAEA reported that the new level of uranium enrichment in the Islamic Republic is 4.5% instead of previous 3.67%".

This comes days after Iran exceeded the 300-kg limit to its low-enriched uranium stockpile, breaching another cap set by the nuclear deal.

Jackie Wolcott, the US ambassador to worldwide organizations in Vienna, told Iran and others in the room that Washington was open to "negotiation without preconditions" on a new nuclear deal, and that "the only path to sanctions relief is through such negotiations, not nuclear extortion". The U.S. has accused Iran of involvement in the bombing of oil tankers in the Gulf and says it shot down an American drone in worldwide airspace.

This would be Iran's second breach of the deal in as many weeks, diplomats familiar with the figures said.

Britain's seizure of the Iranian tanker is a "clear case of piracy and violation of global law", Majid Takht Ravanchi told the BBC on Wednesday.

As part of its campaign, the USA has re-imposed sanctions on exports of Iranian crude oil, which have tanked the Iranian economy. Iran had earlier summoned the British ambassador over what it called the "illegal interception" of the ship.

"I warn England that you are the initiator of insecurity in seas and you will later understand its repercussions", Rouhani stated, adding that British forces had seized the vessel "unjustly", claiming that the United States had, in fact, seized the tanker "by proxy" through its ally.