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Trump unloads on 'indignant' Trudeau for 'killing' USA agriculture

Trump unloads on 'indignant' Trudeau for 'killing' USA agriculture

With the leaders of the Group of Seven industrialized democracies due in Quebec, Canada's Prime Minister Justin Trudeau warned the U.S. leader that they would not roll over on trade tariffs.

Mexico put tariffs on American products ranging from steel to pork and bourbon yesterday, retaliating against import duties on metals imposed by President Donald Trump and taking aim at Republican strongholds ahead of USA congressional elections in November.

Using a rarely invoked authority created to protect "national security", Trump has imposed a global tariff on steel and aluminum.

Trump and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau are scheduled to meet at the G7 summit in Canada on Friday and Saturday.

Trump showed no sign of backing down on Thursday, first taking to Twitter to accuse both France and Canada of imposing massive tariffs on US goods and then accusing Trudeau of "being so indignant". "Look forward to seeing them tomorrow". Those issues are different than what the Secretary views as obstacles with trade into Mexico.

Mr. Trudeau said "we are going to defend our industries and our workers" and "show the U.S. President that his unacceptable actions are hurting his own citizens".

"Obviously the meeting due to take place with North Korea is an important one". But they'll have a significant impact on the targeted U.S. industries. Macron, who appeared to have built a warm relationship, said the "G6" leaders would not spark a fight at the summit.

"We do seem to be at a little bit of a Rubicon moment in terms of whether or not the United States is going to fundamentally turn its back on this economic order", said Thomas Wright of the Brookings Institution think tank in Washington. She has had frosty relations with Trump in the past. The EU and Mexico are tacking on a 25% tariff on American whiskies, while Canada is charging 10%.

One of CNN's sources told reporters it was unclear if the comment was interpreted as a joke by Trudeau, saying, "To the degree one can ever take what is said as a joke".

According to The Washington Post, Trump has privately discussed sending Vice President Mike Pence instead.

Renegotiations on a new NAFTA have been underway since August 2017 and have stalled primarily due to USA insistence on a high percentage of American parts used in vehicles made in all three countries.

It's a trade pact that's been in the renegotiation process since August 2017.

Ottawa's refusal Tuesday to pursue a one-on-one trade deal with the United States came after Donald Trump's top economic adviser said the president was serious about pursuing bilateral agreements with its NAFTA partners.

The European Union threatened to put a 25% tariff on 200 American products like whiskey, motorcycles and peanut butter.

The United States are playing a simple game with the United Europe! "Within the global framework, we have to take measures and that's what Canada has done and what the European Union has also announced".

In response, the European Commission will launch a case at the World Trade Organization against the new import tariffs imposed by USA on EU steel and aluminum.

Macron expressed support for Trump in his expected summit with the North Korean leader, Kim Jong-un, but also warned that the USA president's abrogation last month of a 2015 multilateral deal on the Iranian nuclear programme, cast doubt on the credibility of such agreements.