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Trump tweets that his top economic advisor suffered heart attack

Larry Kudlow had heart attack, Donald Trump says

US President Donald Trump used the minutes waiting for Kim Jong-un to arrive for their historic meeting to tweet out news that financial analyst and adviser Larry Kudlow has suffered a heart attack.

Kudlow had joined Trump at the contentious G-7 at the end of last week.

Kudlow went on to label Trudeau's news conference, at which the prime minister said "Canadians will not be pushed around" on the issue of tariffs, as a "betrayal". He replaced Gary Cohn, who resigned after losing his battle against imposing tariffs on steel and aluminum imports.

There was no additional information from the White House or second source, rather it was only Trump's twitter account.

As a commentator, Kudlow had strongly backed Trump's moves to cut taxes and reduce business regulations but was openly critical toward the president's tariffs moves.

He graduated from the University of Rochester in NY and later attended Princeton University's Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs, although he did not graduate and as he became a junior economist with the Federal Reserve of NY.

He later advised former New Jersey Governor Christine Todd Whitman.

During President Ronald Reagan's first term, Kudlow was associate director for economics and planning in the White House's Office of Management and Budget.