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Trump to meet Queen, May on visit next week to Britain

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"President Trump has locked up 2,000 little children in cages and is refusing to release them unless he is allowed to build a wall", opposition Labour lawmaker Gavin Shuker said to May in parliament last month.

The itinerary would likely keep Trump who has been said to be sensitive to protests largely away from planned wide demonstrations in London.

"He would love to do a bilateral trade deal and he is really ready to step up on that the minute we get the go ahead to do it", Johnson said, adding that USA government agencies were already looking at how to put a deal together.

The divisive American leader, arriving after a North Atlantic Treaty Organisation summit in Brussels, will be largely away from London during a tour expected to bring at least tens of thousands of people onto British streets, reports AFP.

Despite a series of diplomatic spats with Washington since Trump's election, the British government is keen to strike a trade deal with the United States but the visit is likely to feature major protests against the USA leader.

US Ambassador Woody Johnson previously said protests would not affect the President, whom he described as "very thick skinned".

London Mayor Sadiq Khan, who has been criticised by Trump for his handling of the aftermath of terror attacks in Britain, gave the go-ahead on Thursday for the giant blimp to be flown near the British parliament.

The closest he will come to the protests will be for a short overnight stay at the USA ambassador's residence in London on Thursday night.

Trump on Friday will visit an unnamed defence facility with May and the two will hold talks at Chequers, the 16th-century manor house outside London that serves as her official country retreat.

Trump will meet the queen at Windsor Castle on Friday before traveling to Scotland for the rest of that weekend. Trump's wife, Melania, will have a separate itinerary and will be hosted by May's husband Philip.

A simple "no thank you" has already arrived from a few guests, including Martha Lane Fox, co-founder of, who told the Financial Times: "I understand why the government have to entertain Trump, but I certainly don't want to". Blenheim is famed as the birthplace of Winston Churchill.

He will be greeted with military pomp, including a welcome by bands of the Irish, Scots and Welsh Guards.

The guest list for the dinner includes business leaders from a range of sectors and is meant to celebrate the links between the two nations - set to take on new importance in a post-Brexit world.

During the dinner, the Countess of Wessex's Orchestra will perform a series of classic British and American hits.

"For a USA president who retweets far-right Britain First propaganda, insults Londoners at times of tragedy, and refuses to condemn white supremacist marches at home, this insult is well deserved" said Labour MP David Lammy.

The six-meter-high orange balloon, in the form of Trump wearing a nappy, will fly above Westminster for about two hours on the morning of July 13 to coincide with a "Stop Trump" demonstration in central London which about 50,000 people are expected to attend.

They will then travel to Chequers, May's country residence, for talks on a range of foreign policy issues.

The commitment to a bilateral deal followed remarks about Trump's upcoming trip to the United Kingdom, where the president is scheduled to meet with both Prime Minister Theresa May and Queen Elizabeth II.