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Trump to address Jerusalem embassy opening by video

Known for his anti Muslim views the veteran left-winger Zeman would like the Czech embassy to move to Jerusalem too

"What's the problem with hundreds of thousands breaking through a fence that is not a border?" the organisation's Gaza head Yahya Sinwar said, arguing Israel has never defined its borders. FOZ is committed to advancing the State of Israel and telling the story of Israel, her people, and more specifically the story of the non-Jews that assisted the Jewish people in returning to their homeland as well as returning to their roots.

In December, Trump announced he would move the U.S. Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, causing some tension. Since the end of March, weekly protests haven taken place there every Friday.

As their bus drove past the compound, the journalists took photos of workers planting flowers in the area and paired Israeli and American flags fluttering from electricity poles. The fires were set as protesters clashed with Israeli troops by burning kites from the Gaza side.

Trump stressed that he was not specifying the boundaries of Israeli sovereignty in the city, and called for no change in the status quo at the city's holy sites.

For Israelis, Sunday was Jerusalem Day, an annual celebration of the "reunification" of the city following the 1967 Six-Day War.

Nationalist Israelis view the day as a holiday marking the unification of the city under Israeli control.

"It's been the capital of our state for the past 70 years".

The Palestinian ambassador to Washington sharply condemned the relocation of the U.S. Embassy in a statement Sunday.

He told Fox News the United States "is there to help the Palestinians" and "there is no basis" to think the embassy move will work against peace.

The official U.S. embassy inauguration in Jerusalem's Arnona neighborhood on May 14 will be presided over by U.S. Ambassador to Israel David Friedman. The embassy will be either gradually expanded on the current premises or a new complex might be built. The move infuriated the Palestinians, who claim Israeli-annexed east Jerusalem as their capital. Guatemala and Paraguay plan to move their embassies to Jerusalem later this month.

He says Jerusalem has been the capital of the Jews for thousands of years, and any peace agreement will include Jerusalem as Israel's capital.

The protest is to culminate weeks of border marches aimed at breaking a crippling Israeli-Egyptian blockade.

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas has described Mr Trump's decision to move the embassy as the "slap of the century".

Pompeo said he was aware that there could be security concerns for USA embassies and citizens in the region in the coming days.

The presidents of Guatemala and Paraguay are also set to attend; both countries chose to move their embassies to Jerusalem after Mr Trump made his announcement. "It's a recognition of reality", he told ABC's "This Week".