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Trump says North Atlantic Treaty Organisation allies have agreed to increase defence spending

German Chancellor Angela Merkel told reporters in Brussels that

In a series of tweets from Brussels, Trump said "Presidents have been trying unsuccessfully for years to get Germany and other rich NATO Nations to pay more toward their protection from Russian Federation". All I can say is, did you? They're happy to do it.

The United States makes by far the best military equipment in the world-the best jets, the best missiles, the best guns, the best everything. That turning point has always been initiated.

U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May announced that Britain will be deploying an additional 440 troops to Afghanistan to help the country fight the Islamic State and the Taliban, nearly doubling its commitment to the NATO-led mission, called Resolute Support. "There is a great collegial atmosphere in that room, that I don't think they've had for many years". "They're going to up it at levels that they've never thought of before".

White House spokesperson Sarah Sanders confirmed the ask to reporters on Wednesday, saying that the president "wants to see our allies share more of the burden and at a very minimum meet their already stated obligations". And are we really paying too much? That would mark a significant milestone for the alliance. "Since President Trump was in Brussels last spring allies have added 41 billion extra for defence spending".

He added that allies had agreed their national plans to get defence spending up to 2 per cent should be "credible". "Not acceptable! All NATO Nations must meet their 2% commitment, and that must ultimately go to 4%!"

But at the end of the summit, Stoltenberg said the figure was $41 billion, and was contained in a paper published before the summit, which suggests that no new money was going to be committed.

There is no penalty for not reaching the 2% goal; it's simply a guideline, and most member states have increased defense spending even if they haven't reached that goal quite yet.

But now, according to media reports, Trump has threatened to withdraw the USA from the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO, ) or to change its pivotal role in the alliance, over the matter.

In an apparent swipe at Trump, he added: "Sometimes the corridors, comments and tweets take on more importance than what is negotiated, said or endorsed by heads of state".

Under fire for his warm embrace of Russia's Vladimir Putin, President Donald Trump jolted the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation summit Wednesday by turning a spotlight on Germany's ties to Russian Federation and openly questioning the value of the military alliance that has defined American foreign policy for decades.

Trump has several times assailed Germany for not spending a large enough proportion of its gross domestic product on defence. Trump claimed victory after bitterly criticizing key allies, notably Germany, for failing to pay their way at one of the most fractious summits in Nato's 70-year history. Energy exports represent Russia's main source of revenue, and Trump argues that the pipeline undermines NATO's goal, as it's created to counter Russian aggression. The paying for Europe's protection, then loses billions on Trade.

"What's more surprising, the fact that the President Trump is calling them out on that or that previous presidents haven't?" he asked.

Though French President Emmanuel Macron said there was no deal to raise spending above that threshold, now or in the future.