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Trump reportedly spends 60 percent of schedule in unstructured "executive time"

US President Donald Trump

Still, what the schedules show is that since November 7 - the day after the Republicans lost decisively in the midterm elections - the president's days nearly exclusively begin and end with hours of "executive time". "It shows that perhaps the people that work for him don't like him very much, but you just don't do this".

In describing the relationship between the conservative-leaning cable network and the Trump administration, Salon's Heather Digby Parton wrote, "Fox has become Trump's de facto kitchen cabinet and unofficial communications office, creating a tight feedback loop between the far right and the White House".

President Donald Trump reportedly often spends up to five hours a day in unstructured 'executive time, ' according to his private schedule.

Instead, he in the residence, watching TV, reading the newspapers, tweeting, and phoning aides, members of Congress, friends, administration officials and informal advisers, the news website reported.

In one such case, a detailed schedule Axios obtained listed an interview Trump had last week with The Daily Caller, while a private, more available schedule alternatively contained a "media engagement" in that same time slot. Trump, who spent the weekend at his Florida golf club, was due to have his intelligence briefing at 11:45, followed by lunch with Vice President Mike Pence at 12:45.

It said Trump often started his official duties around 11am, and held far fewer meetings than in the early days of his presidency.

Madeleine Westerhout, director of Oval Office operations, blasted the leak of the White House schedules, tweeting on Sunday, "What a disgraceful breach of trust to leak schedules".

Appearing alongside MacCallum, Fox's "Media Buzz" presenter Howie Kurtz weighed in, calling the schedule "a heat-seeking missile of a leak ... exclusively created to embarrass Donald Trump".

Sanders declined to comment further on the story and whether the White House planned to mount an internal investigation similar to previous major leaks. The point of Trump's more than 300 hours in unstructured time, Sanders said, is "to allow for a more creative environment that has helped make him the most productive president in modern history".

Dwight Eisenhower built in White House nap time too, Thomas said.

The schedules were published Sunday by Axios, which highlighted the amount of flexible "Executive Time" allotted to the president every day.

President Donald Trump during an event in the Oval Office of the White House.