Trump repeatedly promised to fully cooperate with Mueller. Things are changing quickly

The president's legal team is mulling how to present the president to the special counsel for questioning when or if the times comes

There has been no official request by Mueller's office to interview the president yet, but Trump's lawyers are anticipating that Mueller may request information from Trump related to his investigation into Russia's attempted meddling in the 2016 election.

USA intelligence agencies have concluded Russian Federation interfered in the election to try to help Mr Trump win.

The Post's report cited "two people familiar with the talks". Certainly there is plenty of evidence that there are those on the Republican right - including the Freedom Caucus bloc on Capitol Hill - who would encourage or at least acquiesce in such a provocative gamble. Asked about the possibility, White House lawyer Ty Cobb released a statement saying the White House will not comment on communications with the Office of the Special Counsel, but that it is "continuing its full cooperation with the OSC in order to facilitate the earliest possible resolution".

Legally, the president is entitled to plead the Fifth Amendment even if he maintains he can not be indicted in office. They've also floated the idea of not having the president take part in the interview at all. "I would never let the prosecution interview my client", Dershowitz told NBC News. While Rosenstein - Mueller's direct supervisor - was accused of being a "Democrat" in one behind closed doors Trumpian outburst.

On Monday, US Senator Richard Blumenthal told CNN that Trump's one-on-one interview with Mueller is necessary and the time when it will take place is important, given that as much evidence as possible must be collected in the Russian Federation probe before the meeting occurs.

"The risk is that Trump would either incriminate himself, commit perjury, or lie - unless he truly has committed no offense and has nothing to fear from telling the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth", constitutional lawyer Laurence H. Tribe tells me. Did Trump forget national anthem? They can tell him that he's supposed to take the Fifth. Trump wouldn't last four hours being questioned BY ME. With his personal ratings of well under 40% at a record low for a first year president, Trump is clearly unpopular with the electorate at large, yet retains rock solid among the more conservative GOP support base.

As well as deciding his political fate in the medium term, the outcome of the elections will also play heavily into whether a Trump-sceptic GOP establishment will want to back The Donald in a 2020 re-election bid or look for a less divisive alternative. The other big Trump scoop today is Axios reporting that his presidential schedule is shrinking because, evidently, he just doesn't have the mental energy of other past presidents.