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Trump Presses Germany Spending and EU Trade Deficit Ahead of North Atlantic Treaty Organisation

Trump Presses Germany Spending and EU Trade Deficit Ahead of North Atlantic Treaty Organisation

In some ways, Russian Federation remains the pre-eminent threat to US national security. "And that's fine. Of course, they kill us on trade".

While noting that "we need to do more" on defence spending, Hutchinson noted that more than half of NATO's members were on track to achieve the target set by the alliance of two per cent of gross domestic product spent on defence by 2024.

It may be harder to predict what the American president - vs. his Russian counterpart - will say at the July 16 summit in Helsinki. "Vladimir Putin happens to run one of the most powerful countries on Earth", Giuliani told NBC's "Meet the Press". That's from the good old days, just 12 months ago, when Trump Cabinet officials and his Senate enablers scurried around the world explaining away the president's tweets. Putin's aggressive foreign policy is a threat to both us and our allies.

"If you know Donald Trump, it's not going to stop him one bit".

Trump departs Tuesday on a four-nation tour amid simmering disputes over trade and military spending with fellow Western democracies and speculation about whether he will rebuke or embrace Russian President Vladimir Putin.

His comments on the eve of a North Atlantic Treaty Organisation summit in Brussels set the stage for a tense meeting with European leaders. Trump has slapped tariffs on billions of dollars worth of steel and aluminum imports from China, the European Union, Canada and others, prompting retaliation against US products.

"NATO really is making progress, and they are doing it really at President Trump's insistence", Hutchinson said on "Fox News Sunday". Estimated 2017 defense spending as a percentage of GDP was 1.2 percent in Germany, Europe's biggest economy.

The colorful procession also featured activists wearing masks, mocking US President Donald Trump and Ukrainian leader Petro Poroshenko.

Even that best-case scenario just produces a situation, as we now have on the Korean peninsula, where nothing positive or productive happens, but Trump no longer has an incentive to batter the worldwide system further to score points with his base.

Hutchison said the USA would continue to "stand behind" the Ukrainian people when asked about Mr. Trump's recent comments about the Russian annexation of Crimea. "But he seems to have a thing for authoritarian rulers", said Goldgeier, who expects Trump to come out of his meeting with Putin touting a great relationship (as he did with Kim - although the North Korean leader's weekend meeting with Secretary of Sate Mike Pompeo yielded disastrous optics).

"And we are standing behind them on that", she said.

Despite Trump's criticism, Ischinger said the transatlantic alliance is in its best shape in years, given rising military spending and efforts to shore up defenses in the Baltic states and Poland after Russia's illegal annexation of Ukraine's Crimean Peninsula in 2014.