Trump praises "outstanding" teacher at National Teacher of the Year presentation

President Donald Trump and Mandy Manning a teacher at the Newcomer Center at Joel E. Ferris High School in Spokane Wash. stand after the president presented her with the National Teacher of the Year award during the the National Teacher of the Year rec

For five hours a day, they work on setting up a base of academic knowledge so that the teens can ultimately join their peers in general education classes.

Manning toldThe Spokesman-Review that Trump didn't notice the pins, but was receptive to receiving the letters, telling a staffer to put them on his desk so he could read them immediately. Trump said, "To Mandy and all of the incredible educators here today: Your tireless dedication doesn't just inspire your students, it inspires all of us". Her "teacher of the year" award should be revoked and she should be fired, since political views, while generally free to be expressed, should not be delivered by teachers to children in public schools.

"Of course, I can't be sure that's going to happen", Manning said. When we move out of our comfort zones, visit new places, listen to others' thoughts, and share our own opinions, we become compassionate and open.

She said in her award application that many of her students came to this country seeking safety but they don't always feel safe.

Manning said some students wrote about their experiences coming to the United States from countries such as Syria, Iraq, Uganda, Burma and El Salvador because they "felt it was important for the president to understand the really rigorous and hard process and length of time it takes to come to the United States as a refugee".

It's a correlation Manning can't ignore - that there has been such a drop in the number of refugees and immigrants landing in eastern Washington coinciding with the Trump administration's tightening immigration policies.

"As soon as my students arrive, they are afraid they will have to leave". She does a map-building exercise so they can gain the confidence to both talk about where they came from and also ask their new neighbors for directions.

Manning also didn't forget about her students.

Her job now, she says, is as much about integrating the children to their new lives, as it's about being a bridge for the local community to connect with the unfamiliar.

Manning wore six badges on her black dress.

"This year I hope to engage the nation in a conversation about how we can encourage students to experience things outside of their understanding", Manning said last month, when the award was announced. "I get to see and experience a lot of beauty and I'm very, very, very lucky".