Trump on the Paris Climate Accord: 'Something Could Happen … We'll See'

FirstlLady Melania Trump talks to children as she visits the Necker

Macron also added that he respected the desire of leaders and countries to preserve jobs and added that both he and Trump have agreed to continue the discussion on Paris Accord.

While briefly speaking on the scandal due to Donald Trump Jr's communication with Russian sources, the US President said "most people would have taken that meeting" while maintaining that his son is a "wonderful young man".

By contrast, he said: "Theresa May was seen as rushing to Washington more ore less desperate to get Trump's attention".

US President Donald Trump said Thursday that "something could happen" regarding the Paris climate accord following his decision to withdraw from the landmark global agreement to limit climate change.

Mr Trump saluted as U.S. military personnel - some in first World War battledress - opened the march-past with the Arc de Triomphe in the background.

The 39-year-old French President tapped Mr Trump on the arm, leading to the U.S. leader letting go of Mrs Macron's hand before returning his full attention to Mr Macron.

Trump had an awkward handshake when he met with Brigitte Macron.

Mr Trump leaned in and kissed the French President's wife on the cheek, with his hand still firmly clenched with Mr Macron.

Addressing the crowd, Macron thanked the United States for coming to France's aid, adding "nothing will ever separate us". During a joint appearance, Macron and Trump took note of their policy differences while mentioning that "it's important to keep communicating" as the two nations shared "major common goals". "And that is why I wish to thank them, thank the United States for the choice it made 100 years ago".

"I really have a feeling that you're going to have a very, very peaceful and attractive Paris".

On Thursday, Trump arrived in France on his first official visit.

Late today, Lynch said she had nothing to do with it. "No", Mr Macron said. And I'm coming back.

JOHN YANG: The two leaders said they discussed Syria and the fight against terrorism.

Body language experts have spent hours pouring over footage of Donald Trump's handshakes, and now they have a new one to analyse.