Trump, Kanye West to Have White House Lunch

Donald Trump Kanye West

"Trump is on his hero's journey right now". The four gentleman that wrote the 13th Amendment, and I think the way the universe works is flawless, we don't have 13 floors, do we?

Some of Mr. West's proposals might not go far.

Trump not only relies on a heavily white political base but is locked in an ugly dispute with several black NFL football players who have knelt down during the playing of the U.S. national anthem to protest racial inequality.

"It's handsome though." He said that Trump had given him (we assume metaphorically) "a Superman cape" to help do good.

"They tried to scare me to not wear this hat", West said of his red "Make America Great Again" cap. New reports claim the hip-hop artist is going to have a front row seat to watch the head of state sign legislation to help musicians. "It was meant for problems like Chicago". "He might not have thought he'd have a insane mother-f***** like [me]". When I went in, in 2015, we were a $14 billion company losing $2 billion a year.

But West, launching into a more than 10-minute, profanity-infused soliloquy, talked about being mistakenly diagnosed as bipolar, about his family situation, and about his support for Mr. Trump, among other things. Mr. Trump didn't quite know what to say. "The numbers of people being shot and killed, it's not for this country". "I met with Michael Sacks, that's Rahm's right-hand man", West said, referring to Rahm Emanuel, Chicago's mayor. "We have the right to bear arms". "We can empower the pharmaceuticals", he said.

West's first visit to Mr Trump was at his eponymous Manhattan skyscraper in 2016, a month after he won the election, but this was the rapper's first trip to the White House.

"We'll get rid of Air Force One", Mr. Trump replied. "You made a Superman cape for me, also, as someone who looks up to you. looks up to American industry guys".

"It was from the soul", West replied.

He said his "Make America Great Again" hat gives him power.

He continued, "What I need Saturday Night Live to improve on, or what I need the liberals to improve on - if he don't look good, we don't look good. That won't stop me".

Trump said Kanye "could very well be" future presidential material, to which the rapper said he would not want to get in the way of the Republican's 2020 reelection.

Trump said West is "a smart cookie". He also criticized the 13th Amendment, which abolished slavery, calling it a "trap door". West said they need to create factories. He has six life sentences and they have him next to the unibomber doing 23 and 1 ... Larry Hoover also has a curriculum that he's worked on. Mr. Trump granted the woman's release from prison.

With Kanye, or "Ye" as he would prefer to be called, was former National Football League player Jim Brown.

"He's been a terrific guy", Trump told reporters of West Tuesday afternoon on the White House South Lawn before departing for Iowa. "I am open-minded", Trump said. He moved around the Resolute Desk and hugged the president, who was still seated.

Mr Trump's remarks, on the other hand, came as prominent American lawmakers increasingly criticise Saudi Arabia - America's longtime security ally in the region. "That's from the heart". That's when West crossed the room and embraced the sitting POTUS.

"Oh, it is good energy", he replied.