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Trump Funds Swaps Some Meals Stamp Cash For Containers of Meals

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The planned program would be applied to families that receive over $90 in food stamp aid.

The government's food box contains made-in-the-U.S.A. products, but the feds haven't spelled out whether it would be shipped, whether boxes would be tailored to different recipients, and how it would organize the supply chain.

The agency estimates that 16.4 million households enrolled in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) -about 81 percent of SNAP enrollees-would be affected by this policy.

He was surprised to learn about the food box proposal.

"Millions of Americans are in a tragic state of dependency on a welfare system that does not reward work, and in many cases, pays people not to work". "It maintains the same level of food value as SNAP [Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program] participants now receive, provides states flexibility in administering the program, and is responsible to the taxpayers". "You actually receive the food instead of receiving the cash".

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The budget that President Donald Trump proposed Monday takes a hard whack at the poorest Americans, slashing billions of dollars from food stamps, public health insurance and federal housing vouchers, while trying to tilt the programs in more conservative directions. The rest of their benefits would be provided on electronic benefit cards as they are now.

Except SNAP is one of the most efficient government programs, with some of the lowest numbers for misuse. It's unlikely the Trump Administration's budget proposal would get passed in its entirety.

Employee Shawn Lewis moves pallets of food at the Food Bank for New York City in the Bronx neighborhood of Hunts Point on June 7, 2017 in New York.

Meyer also says that he thinks this might be a way for "food businesses that have excess food that they're unable to get it off their warehouse shelves".

Critics of the proposal said distributing that much food presents a logistical nightmare.

Allergies and religious restrictions can be accommodated for, said the USDA spokesperson, although they did not respond to specific questions about whether people can choose items based on what they like to eat. Funding for this type of program would be decided by Congress.

In a statement, Agriculture Secretary Soony Perdueelaborated on the proposed plan.

The New Hanover County Department of Social Services said it is aware of the proposal and is looking to the state for guidance about what this change could mean for people locally.