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Trump Declines to Declassify Democratic Memo, Citing DOJ and FBI Objections

President Trump is expected to declassify the Democratic rebuttal memo on Friday an official said

Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif, also a member of the Intelligence Committee, had called for the release of Democratic members' own memo earlier this month. "@RealDonaldTrump is not interested in transparency, he is interested in protecting himself and derailing the Russian Federation investigation".

Remember that Trump was overheard telling Rep. Jeff Duncan, R-South Carolina, at the State of the Union that the Nunes memo would be released - even as the White House counsel and the national security team were still reviewing it.

The House intelligence committee voted Monday to release the Democratic memo, but it was up to Trump to decide whether to declassify the information it contained and give his approval for its release as he did last week with the Nunes memo.

The controversial Republican memo, which was written by House Intelligence Chairman Devin Nunes, portrayed the Russian Federation investigation as a product of political bias at the FBI and Justice Department against Trump. The widely criticized memo did not ultimately meet the earth-shattering expectations that House Intelligence Committee chairman Devin Nunes, Trump, and other GOP lawmakers and pundits had set for it.

Republican lawmaker Devin Nunes, chairman of the House Intelligence Committee and author of the previously released Republican memo, said it was "no surprise" the Department of Justice (DOJ) and Federal Bureau of Investigation advised against publishing the Democratic memo.

"The president has been consistent in this investigation only in his obstructive behavior", Swalwell said, adding that the Dems wanted their memo reviewed by the DOJ whereas the committee GOPs did not want to work with the Justice Department on identifying and redacting potential national security issues in their memo. McGahn referred the committee to a separate document - not released publicly - in which Wray and Rosenstein were said to provide details to the committee about those concerns.

"Clearly, the President has something to hide".

If agreement cannot be reached, the Intelligence Committee can submit the memo to the full House for approval but that would require approval by the controlling Republican majority voting to overrule a sitting Republican president.

"Donald Trump's double standard when it comes to transparency is appalling", said Senate Democratic Leader Charles Schumer.

Trump said earlier Friday he planned to release the memo.

Democrats last week warned Mr Trump against using the Republican memo as a pretext to fire Deputy Attorney-General Rod Rosenstein, who hired Mr Mueller and oversees the investigation, or to remove Mr Mueller himself.

Democrats immediately cried foul at the decision to send the Democratic memo back to the committee.

Democrats say their 10-page memo corrects key mischaracterizations and crucial omissions in the Republican case.

President Donald Trump explained on Twitter Saturday his decision not to declassify a memo written by Democrats in response to a shocking Republican memo. It claims that without the Steele dossier, no surveillance warrants would have been sought. He said the call "makes a mockery of national security and common sense".

We could go on, but you get the drift. But Nunes said the disclosure still fell short.

The White House announces it will not move forward with releasing the Democrat memo, unless certain changes are made.