Trump Booed by Conservative Crowd After Attacks on Cruz


Jeanne Shaheen, says he will wait a few weeks to officially endorse a Republican primary candidate.

They ask Cruz about what he means by "New York Values".

Cruz and Trump were set to cross paths later Saturday in Myrtle Beach, where they are both set to speak in the afternoon at a tea party convention.

New York Daily News The front page of the New York Daily News on Friday addressed negative comments Ted Cruz made about New York during a Republican debate.

(AP Photo/Sean Rayford). Linda Millif, left, and Liz Martin share a laugh prior to a presidential forum featuring Republican presidential candidate, Sen.

"Ted Cruz said he "didn't know" that he was a Canadian Citizen", Trump wrote. "I'll tell you and the rest of the country, people understand exactly what that is".

"The truth is, he's a nasty guy", Trump said of his rival on ABC's This Week.

Cruz responded to Trump's tirade Saturday morning, saying it was Trump's way of attacking Cruz since they're close in polls. Cruz has dismissed the issue as a minor paperwork snafu. Cruz said. "We're not using overwhelming airpower".

Although Cruz acquired American citizenship at birth through his mother, some have argued that as he was born overseas and to a Cuban father, he does not meet the constitutional requirement of being "a natural-born citizen" and is therefore ineligible to serve in the White House. And he saved his barbs until the end of a meandering 45-minute speech. "You know, how are you going to be president if you didn't know about a million dollar loan from Goldman Sachs", Trump asked, referring to a controversy that surfaced earlier this week over Cruz's 2012 Senate bid.

Haywood wasn't alone, Trump was greeted by big applause by the Tea Party faithful Saturday afternoon. "And you said it's something you don't know about".

Tellingly, Trump didn't stick to the information available in recent media reports.

Real-estate mogul Donald Trump's attacks against Sen. He also FORGOT to file his Goldman Sachs Million $ loan papers. He has admitted what he says is an inadvertent error and will amend all the necessary forms, they argue. In last week's debate, Trump declared that he "gladly" accepted "the mantle of anger".

Yet Trump could prove the exception.

Bill and Hillary Clinton, then a US senator from NY, attended his 2005 wedding. Will Iowa voters be thinking about that when they wonder why Ted Cruz forgot that on 9-11 we all became New Yorkers?

His trademark anti-establishment pitch, filled with quotes from scripture and support from evangelical leaders, has thus far served the Texas senator well among conservatives in Iowa, where he's locked in a narrow race with Donald Trump ahead of the February 1 caucus. "I kept saying come on Ted", Trump said. "He's a consistent conservative".

Brown reiterated to reporters, per NBC news, that he's staying neutral in the race for now, but said Trump is "up there and there are some great people running".

"That has got to drive him nuts, and I imagine it sent him out of bed this morning tweeting and tweeting and tweeting", Cruz said.