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Trump aide Paul Manafort jailed for another 43 months

Paul Manafort

It falls short of the 10-year maximum, reflecting credit from the court for Manafort's "plea and his sworn admission in court that he committed the offenses for which he was charged", Jackson said.

He would serve more than seven years in prison in those cases. Manafort was also ordered to pay $24 million in restitution and a $50,000 fine.

"This defendant is not public enemy number one, but he's also not a victim either", Jackson said. "Hard to overstate", Jackson said.

One of the loans under scrutiny by the district attorney's office was issued by Citizens Bank, which has been cooperating with the investigation, according to a person familiar with the matter.

Judge Amy Berman Jackson of Federal District Court in Washington sentenced President Donald Trump's former campaign chairman on two conspiracy counts that covered money-laundering and failing to disclose more than a decade's worth of lobbying that earned him millions.

Last week after Manafort was sentenced in Virginia, Trump said he feels "very badly" for his former campaign chairman.

Jackson's sentence will mark the end of a two-year legal battle between Manafort, a veteran Republican political operative who worked for Trump's campaign for five months in 2016, and Special Counsel Robert Mueller, who made exposing Manafort's covert lobbying for pro-Kremlin politicians in Ukraine a centrepiece of his Russian Federation probe.

On Monday, Sarah Sanders, Trump's spokeswoman, said "the President has made his position on that clear".

Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance, Jr., said a NY grand jury charged Manafort with 16 counts including residential mortgage fraud, conspiracy, falsifying business records and a scheme to defraud. Between Ellis' sentence and Jackson's, Manafort has been sentenced to a total of 7.5 years in federal prison altogether.

That document specifically cites Manafort's guilty plea, which was entered into along with a cooperation agreement prosecutors say Manafort violated by lying. While Manafort could have become a leader in the U.S., Weissman continued, "at each juncture". "He served to undermine, not promote, American ideals of honesty, transparency, and playing by the rules".

But the federal judge had a harsh response to his request for leniency. The media attention that comes along with it.

Given the time that he has already served, Manafort faces nearly seven more years in prison.

"I am sorry for what I have done and all the activities that have got me here today", Manafort told the court.

Appearing in a wheelchair and in a dark suit, his hair gray, Manafort addressed the court before his sentencing, telling the judge that he had time to reflect as he was in solitary confinement and that "my behavior in the future will be very different".

The remarks were met with skepticism.

"I think the judge showed that she is incredibly hostile toward Mr. Manafort and exhibited a level of callousness that I've not seen in a white-collar case in over 15 years of prosecutions", Downing said.

As to the political atmosphere, Jackson said she could not opine about the public perception or the broader Russian Federation imbroglio because it was not a subject of the matter at hand. The amount Ellis sentenced him for sparked outrage among attorneys and Democrats last week, who believed Manafort deserved more time.