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Trump adviser comments on mosque bombing by criticizing 'the left'

Governor Dayton and State Rep. Ilhan Omar at Dar Al Farooq Islamic Center

Minnesota's Democratic governor Mark Dayton visited the mosque with a delegation of public officials alongside him, including Democratic Representative Keith Ellison, and declared that the bombing was an act of terrorism.

The incident happened about about 5 a.m. Saturday, with more than a dozen mosque congregants inside the building preparing for Fajr prayer, said Mohamed Omar, Dar Al-Farooq's executive director. No matter what happens, small or big, it will never scare us, it will never bring us to our knees.

The group's director, Asad Zaman, told reporters that "a witness saw something being thrown at the imam's office window from a van or truck before the blast".

"What a bad, dastardly, cowardly, awful act this was that was committed", Dayton said in a news conference.

"By minimizing the attack and insinuating that the "left" is behind this act, the Trump administration is once again showing its disdain for the Muslim American community", Mr. Ellison said. "He seems to want to tweet about security and terror issues", he said.

Pressed as to why Trump has not yet commented, Gorka said he was "not going to give social media advice" to Trump.

He also faced criticism for a delayed response to a rise in anti-Semitic attacks this year on the Jewish community's centers and cemeteries.

A GoFundMe page for the center has also since been started to "garner support to rebuild this community center and mosque damaged after an Islamophobic attack".

The FBI is searching for a suspect who threw a homemade fire bomb into Minnesota's largest mosque.

Unfortunately, this isn't the first time that CAIR-MN has had to call on the FBI to investigate a possible hate crime.

These forces have been further emboldened by Trump's actions since January, including his implementation of the anti-Muslim travel ban, which limits travel from six predominantly Muslim countries, as well as the fascistic forces he has surrounded himself with in the White House.

Special Agent in Charge Rick Thornton says in a Monday news release that he can't answer certain questions due to the ongoing investigation. That doesn't comport with the president's narrative that all terrorist acts are carried out by Muslims.

That said, even if Trump's indifference toward hate crimes against ethnic and religious minorities has become the norm, it shouldn't be.

Omar then paraphrased a verse from the Qur'an: "God said that I created you as a human being, in different nation and tribes, so that you can get to know each other".