Trump accuses Clinton of colluding with Democrats to defeat 'Crazy Bernie Sanders'

On Sunday morning President Trump tweeted that it's Hillary Clinton who'colluded' but with the Democratic National Committee to rout'Crazy Sen. Bernie Sanders her primary rival

Drutman's data suggested that Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders voters were largely aligned on economic issues, and that the 2016 election was decided by issues of culture and identity, rather than economics. "Unfair to Bernie!", Trump wrote Sunday morning.

He asked if Clinton was allowed to collude with the Democrats.

The tweet comes as congressional committees and Department of Justice special counsel Robert Mueller continue investigations into Russia's efforts to influence the U.S. election and the Trump campaign's contacts with Russian officials, including allegations of collusion between his campaign and Russia in an effort to defeat Clinton during the presidential campaign.

Trump has repeatedly said the Democratic Party cheated Sanders out of the nomination and criticized its use of superdelegates.

During the election, many Sanders backers wound up voting for Clinton, but others cast blank ballots or even voted for Trump, who - like Sanders - gave a voice to many discontented working class people.

The Washington Post late last week that Obama was slow and cautious in responding to Russian election interference.

Regardless, and while there was no collusion between Clinton and the DNC, there is a huge difference between what happened at the DNC and a presidential campaign or presidential candidate colluding with a foreign nation, especially one that is an enemy of the United States. Trump has denied all allegations of collusion.

"By the way, if Russian Federation was working so hard on the 2016 Election, it all took place during the Obama Admin".

He followed it up the next day with a second tweet.

"Just out: The Obama Administration knew far in advance of November 8th about election meddling by Russian Federation". Did nothing about it.