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Travel restrictions on Pakistani diplomats in USA take effect

Travel restrictions on Pakistani diplomats in USA take effect

Pakistan Ambassador to the US Aizaz Chaudhry also confirmed that the United States' travel restrictions on Pakistani diplomats came into effect from Friday (May 11).

".This ministry has been informed that the new travel permission regime for Pakistani diplomats/officials in the United States would be implemented from 11 May 2018".

Starting today, the Foreign Office said, American diplomats will also have to take prior permission for travelling - something which was earlier done only in special cases.

Congressman Donald Norcross, a New Jersey Democrat, was one of two USA lawmakers who addressed a meeting of the Pakistani American Congress on Capitol Hill, emphasising the importance of continuing a relationship with Pakistan. Their cargo will have to be scanned upon arrival.

Earlier, the local media reported that Pakistan too planned to enforce similar restrictions on U.S. diplomats in Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi.

A former Pakistani ambassador to Washington, Jalil Abbas Jilani, said in a tweet the restrictions are "a sign of strayed" relations and called on both countries to fix them.

Pakistan's letter outlined the list of concessions it has withdrawn from the US diplomatic mission.

Terminating the special treatment for United States diplomats, the Ministry said that they would no longer be allowed to use tinted glass on official vehicles, non-diplomatic number plates on official vehicles, and diplomatic number plates on rented vehicles. Diplomatic staff will no longer be allowed to use "biometrically unverified/cell phone SIMs".

The tensions had escalated to an extent that the USA had introduced short duration visas to the Pakistani officials.

He further accused the global bodies of having double standards in terms of fighting terrorism and disregarding Pakistan's sacrifices for curbing terrorism.

The US fired back saying that Pakistani diplomats in Washington D.C. would be facing similar restrictions.

A frustrated President Donald Trump issued a New Year's Day tweet, saying the USA had given Pakistan more than $33 billion in aid and gotten nothing but "lies and deceit" in return.

Washington later suspended its security assistance to Pakistan.