Trai's `Do-Not-Disturb' app finally gets into Apple App Store

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After months of resisting the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India's request to include a Do Not Disturb app on iPhones in India, Apple is finally giving up and is implementing anti-spam measures taken by the Government of India.

The app, called "Trai DND-Do Not Disturb", is meant to help Indian users curb unsolicited marketing phone calls and text messages, an issue that has become hugely problematic in the past few years. While the app has been available on Android since June 2016, Apple had refused to list it on its App Store citing that the app seeks permission to record user's calls and messages, which is a breach of user's data privacy.

Apple Inc.'s (AAPL.O) App Store revenue is expected to top US$46 billion this year, according to the mobile app intelligence firm Sensor Tower, which provided an estimate to BNN Bloomberg.

Apple's latest software update allows developers to build an app extension that enables users to report both unwanted text messages and calls as spam.

TRAI had wanted Apple to approve government's DND or Do Not Disturb app which the company had earlier hadn't done. Truecaller, an app similar to DND has limited functionality on iOS. We haven't tried this (the app has since been removed), but the folks over at 9to5Mac say the screen brightness does drop to its absolute lowest point before the dialog box appears.

In addition, Apple's App Store editors also announced their own picks for the best apps of the year. Once a user selects an unwanted call/message, DND will auto-generate the report and send them to the relevant carrier. This dnd feature is available not just in India, but for developers across the world. You will find that information by going into Settings and then clicking on Phone. This app will share specific spam content to with authorities.

While iPhone wasn't explicitly mentioned, the directive was clearly targeted at it because it was the only phone in India that didn't support TRAI-DND app created by TRAI.